NFL fans reveal Chiefs’ MVP Patrick Mahomes give-away Super Bowl LVII trophy turns out to be Fake Lombardi

Throughout the last couple of days, Patrick Mahomes has been making headlines for his irresponsible behavior. However, after today he will not be making these headlines for the issue. On Wednesday, the star quarterback of the Kansas City Cheifs joined his team in a victory parade, where Mahomes could be spotted having fun with his fans.

While making the fans have “the time of their lives,” Patrick gave away the Vince Lombardi Trophy to a fan, or it seemed that way until today! After watching the video on social media platforms, Fans could not believe their eyes and thought Mahomes was drunk since he is a very responsible person. 

However, little did they know that the trophy Patrick Mahomes handed to the fan was not only a replica but also belonged to that very fan. The fan’s name is Vinnie Garofalo, and on Friday, he had an interview with 610sports radio, where he shared the entire story. 

What did the fan say about Patrick Mahomes and his incident with the Lombardi Trophy?

In the morning show, Vinnie shared his side of the story. Firstly, he clarified that the trophy Mahomes gave him was a replica. Moreover, it belonged to him, and he wanted to take a picture with Patrick and his replica Lombardi Trophy. He also informed the radio hosts that he had owned the replica since Super Bowl 54, just after the Chiefs won. 

According to Garofalo, Patrick took the trophy from him to have some fun with the crowd and, afterward, came to return it to the owner. While speaking on the radio, Vinnie said, 

“He takes the trophy, raises it up, walks around, and gives me a smile. Then he comes back, asks for the trophy again, walks away, and gives it to [wide receiver] Kadarius Toney. They’re messing around with it, he comes back, I ask him for a picture, and he graciously waited for me to fumble around on my phone to get a front-facing camera. Took the picture, handed me the trophy, which is what everyone saw, and went about on his merry way.”

Now that Garofalo has clarified the incident, haters can chew and swallow their drunk comments about Mahomes. Patrick Mahomes fans always knew that a responsible person like him would never do such a silly act. 

Were you one of those fans? If you are one, you can express yourself in the comments. 


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  1. People are too quick to point out others faults. My mom said while you a pointing a finger as someone else, there are 3 pointing back at you. Stay out of other people’s business.


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