Conor McGregor plans to steal World Cup trophy during Argentina vs France final match “what they gonna do tackle me”

After a month full of roller coaster experiences, the greatest show on earth has come to an end, as today the current champion France will square off against Lionel Messi’s Argentina for the FIFA World Cup 2022’s trophy.

Both teams contain great players and have previously held two World Cup trophies, so this will be a battle of three stars. The Moroccans’ undefeated run while knocking out giants Portugal and Spain, as well as Germany and Belgium’s failure to qualify for the second round, are just a few of the exciting glimpses of this year’s World Cup.

The rage of this Qatar hosted event is so high that it even electrified the former Irish UFC champion Conor McGregor to fly to Qatar to experience the madness.

“Ah fuck ya’s all so I goin on the p.twelve and takin’ my jet to the World Cup final.” Conor wrote on Twitter, “Rock my Italia 90 Irish jersey and grab that World Cup and rip up the left wing like I back playing for Lourdes and there’s a scout present. What they gonna do tackle me 😂🇮🇪

Ireland I love u ❤️”

Conor has always been a huge soccer admirer; he started his sporting career by playing for the Lourdes Celtic soccer club, and after that, he started boxing. 

It seems the admiration grew day by day as Mr. Notorious expressed his desire to wear the Italia 90 Irish Jersey [the jersey of the Irish team at the 1990 soccer World Cup, in which they reached the quarterfinals, the highest result for them till now] and want to steal the 2022 World Cup trophy.

But fans are more interested in seeing him return to the octagon. After back-to-back defeats against Dustin Poirier, Mystic Mac has not been fighting since 2020, but it is expected he will return in the first quarter of 2023.

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