Cristiano Ronaldo meets Syrian boy Nabil Saeed after sending aid supplies to victims of the devastating earthquakes in Turkey

Cristiano Ronaldo met a Syrian young boy after sending aid to earthquake-stricken Syria. The soccer legend is known for helping many people throughout his career.

On February 6, a devastating earthquake with a magnitude of 7.8 hit Turkey and Syria near the border. More than 50,000 people have been confirmed to be dead including ex-Premier League player Christian Atsu and many more injured. Many are on the streets requiring immediate shelter and basic human necessities.

Amid all this, Ronaldo has sent aid to areas in Turkey and Syria affected by the earthquake. The Portuguese forward sent a plane full of supplies to help the people. It contains tents, pillows, beds, warm blankets, and food including baby food, milk, and many medical supplies. The aid package is said to be worth around $350,000.

This latest act of humanitarian assistance from Ronaldo has garnered the respect and love of fans all across the world. However, this is not the first time he helped the humanitarian effort in Turkey-Syria. Previously Turkish footballer Merih Demiral had revealed that Ronaldo gave him permission for a signed Juventus jersey auction and to then use the proceedings to help the people affected by the earthquake.

The Al Nassr forward also previously paid $83,000 for a young fan’s brain surgery, helped fund a cancer center in Portugal, and donated Ā£1 million to hospitals in his home nation during the coronavirus epidemic.

Ronaldo also fulfills a young fan’s dream

Ronaldo also fulfilled a young fan’s dreams of meeting him. Syrian young boy Nabil Saeed was rescued from the wreckage after the earthquake and was reported saying to the rescue workers he wanted to see his idol Ronaldo play. Nabil’s request was shared on social media where it became viral. He was invited to Riyadh to watch as Ronaldo’s Al Nassr beat Al Batin 3-1.

Nabil had his dream fulfilled when he met Ronaldo before the match, who gave him a high five and a warm hug.

Nabil spoke about his experience with Reuters, “When I saw Ronaldo, I thought it was a dream. I didn’t believe myself. When this dream would end, I didn’t know. I pray to God that it will not be a dream,” 

He added, “I wish everyone could see Ronaldo. He is a very nice person.”

While many may not agree whether Ronaldo is the GOAT on the pitch, everyone surely agrees he is the GOAT off the pitch for his many charitable actions over the years.

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