Dak Prescott’s stellar play earns recognition from Aaron Rodgers after Jets QB’s Jordan Love praise

Aaron Rodgers, the legendary quarterback sidelined by injury, is using this season to watch and analyze football closely. Despite not playing, Rodgers stays involved, sharing insights and adding his voice to football discussions.

On “The Pat McAfee Show,” Rodgers first talked about Jordan Love’s performance and praised his skills. He has also shared his insights about Dak Prescott, who faced a lot of criticism recently.

Aaron Rodgers highlights Prescott’s impressive skills

Aaron Rodgers expressed admiration for Prescott’s play, stating that he is his favorite QB.

“Dak Prescott has become one of my favorite quarterbacks to watch,” the Jets QB said.

Rodgers also clarified that when Tom Brady discussed mediocrity in the game, it wasn’t aimed at Prescott.

“Tom Brady had some comments about some of the mediocrity in the game, and I just want to say Dak is not who he is talking about, for a number of reasons. I just love that he’s really playing the position. What I mean by that is, I’m watching him make Ringo calls – that’s protection adjustments against these crazy looks, and picking things up.”

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Rodgers highlighted Prescott’s strategic skills, mentioning specific instances like protection adjustments and cadence use. He also emphasized Prescott’s impressive execution of the quarterback position.

“I’m watching him bring the tight end back in against zero pressure – and old concept we used to run – and throw a TD to CeeDee Lamb in the back of the end zone. I’m watching him use his cadence beautifully and get into this rhythmic ‘here we go’ … using it as a dummy sometimes, into other cadences. The last three or four weeks I’ve gotten to see more of their games, and I just want to say, he’s playing the position in a really impressive way.”

Prescott’s outstanding performance this season has garnered attention. The Dallas Cowboys have dominated opponents, outscoring them by 90 points in the last three weeks, with Prescott playing a pivotal role.

Dak Prescott’s recent stats include a 69.5% completion rate, 924 yards, and 10 touchdowns in the mentioned three games. His current level of play positions him as a potential MVP contender and Rodgers’ praise adds significance to Prescott’s performance.

Rodgers hails successor Jordan Love’s recent display

Aaron Rodgers has maintained a positive relationship with Jordan Love, his successor with the Green Bay Packers. This stands in contrast to the dynamic between Rodgers and Brett Favre years earlier.

Aaron Rodgers commended Jordan Love’s recent game, particularly on Thanksgiving, where Love played well against the Detroit Lions.

“I thought Jordan Love played one of his better games on Thanksgiving and he threw it really well.. He’s a great kid and people are getting to see his ability,” Rodgers said.

The QB revealed sending a congratulatory message to Love after the Thanksgiving game. 

“I sent J a message after Thanksgiving, he played awesome. That was a big win,” the QB added.

This suggests a supportive and encouraging dynamic between the veteran and his successor. Jordan Love was drafted by the Packers in 2020 and he served as Rodgers’ backup for three years. After that Rodgers’ relationship with the Packers management became strained, and he was eventually traded to the Jets and Love became the starting QB.

Aaron Rodgers
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While the Jets signed Aaron Rodgers with high hopes of winning a Super Bowl, Rodgers suffered a serious Achilles injury in Week 1. 

Since then, he hasn’t played in any games for the Jets. But now, he has hinted at a possible in-season return. The Jets fans are eager for Aaron Rodgers to make a comeback and show his abilities on the field.

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