Damar Hamlin could make appearance as spectator during Bills vs Dolphins wild-card game

Damar Hamlin, the Buffalo Bills’ safety, was in the hospital not long ago, hooked up to a breathing tube and in critical condition. In one of the most terrifying moments in professional sports, Hamlin fainted during a Monday Night Football game, and his life was in danger. After his horrific collapse – officials later confirmed Hamlin had suffered a heart arrest and was in critical condition.

Hamlin has made such remarkable improvement since that night that he was recently released from the hospital. His rehabilitation has been nothing short of amazing, due to the Bills training staff’s rapid action.

The Bills had been preparing and even played without Hamlin to finish out the regular season as they prepared to host a Wildcard game against the Miami Dolphins.

The Bills received a surprise visit from the man himself on Saturday. Hamlin visited the Bills’ facility and spent some much-needed time with his teammates before the big game on Sunday.

NBC Sports’ Mike Florio mentioned Hamlin visited his teammates during halftime of the Chargers-Jaguars playoff game on Saturday night. Florio also hinted that the Bills would see their beloved teammate at the game on Sunday while recalling the heartwarming experience.

 If Hamlin is healthy enough to show up at the Bills’ facilities, he might be in attendance for Sunday’s game against Miami. As if playoff football couldn’t be any more intense, imagine how much adrenaline Buffalo would be riding if Hamlin was in attendance. What a bizarre turn of events.

It’s reasonable to say that the Bills were already going to win this game, but with Hamlin on the field, the Dolphins have no chance.


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