Brooklyn Nets’ NBA trade Deadlines

Only a month remains for teams to make a trade and upgrade their bench strengths. Many teams this year have shown that they have a lot of depth in their playing lineups and can perform even without their star players. The Brooklyn Nets now need to prove the same, with their key performer Kevin Durant missing out on one month of play due to injury. 

Durant, this season has been phenomenal with his game. He single-handedly brought victory for the Nets. Now, with no Durant in the squad, the Nets will rely on their bench strength and check whether they need to get some “new crew” on board. However, they have to make some crucial decisions fast with the deadline approaching. Kevin’s injury with a sprained MCL is a blessing in disguise- it may have brought some panic in the dressing room, yet because of his injury, the team will be able to test their bench strength, and if they fail, they can get some additional help just at the right time. 

As Brooklyn Nets’ NBA trade deadlines are approaching, they would want a power forward who will assist Kevin and lead the team in his absence. Adrian Wojnarowski, aka Woj, gave his opinion on what the Nets might do in the trade.

Kevin Durant

What did Woj say before Brooklyn Nets’ NBA trade deadlines?

The American sports columnist and reporter, Woj appeared on the “NBA Countdown” show and shared what the Brooklyn Nets might do with their trading deadline closing by; he said in the show-

“Brooklyn, like a lot of other contenders out there in both conferences, see a marketplace right now that is much more of a seller’s than a buyer’s market,”

 “Just not enough teams have really made the decision that they’re gonna be sellers, that they’re out of it for the play-in or the playoffs, and usually that happens closer to that Feb. 9 deadline. Brooklyn’s gonna be active. I think they’re gonna look to upgrade … particularly in the frontcourt,” Woj added.

Can Brooklyn win their games without the services of star player Kevin Duran? Or will they need to “upgrade” their team with new stars before the trade deadlines end? Time will tell. Stay tuned for more exciting updates.


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