Damian Lillard injury update: why did Bucks G miss the Suns game?

Milwaukee Bucks have found themselves on the receiving end of losses more often than not in the last 5 games. With a 1-4 record to overturn, Bucks need all the help they can get in the upcoming games.

Damian Lillard’s absence has made things worse for the Cream City franchise. The guard was dropped in the Suns game which ended in a defeat. With the big games against Timberwolves, Nuggets, and Heat coming up, they need Dame back and firing as soon as possible.

Damian Lillard injury update

Bucks paid a visit to the Suns for Tuesday’s game in which Doc Rivers decided to keep Damian Lillard out of the team due to a left ankle injury. Bucks HC clarified his decision pre-game. Rivers emphasized that they want to reach the playoff with everyone fit and the rest is very important for Lillard. He did not forget to mention how important Dame is to them and expressed concern over the void he leaves in his absence.

Lillard finished the Jazz game with 12 points in 38 minutes and looked far from his usual self with 5-of-18 shooting. NBA insider Chris Haynes was left concerned by the fact Lillard was allowed to play that game. Now with a sprained ankle and no certain timeline of return, it should be a matter of concern for Bucks fans.

Lillard has been scoring at the rate of 24.9 points per game and 6.8 assists per game in 47 appearances this season. Without the former Blazers G in the team, Bucks have struggled and lost all 4 games in which he was absent.

Lillard’s personal struggles

The 33-year-old’s problems are not only limited to the hardboard court. The Bucks star has admitted to going through a tough phase in his life. Last summer Lillard and his wife Kay’La Hanson’s divorce case came to the surface, ending a relationship that began in Lillard’s college days. The couple shares three children: Damian Jr., and twins Kali and Kalii, all born in Portland.

Lillard recently opened up to Yahoo Sports saying, “As much as I love basketball, and I love my job, I don’t care about it more than I care about my kids.”

“People say, ‘When I hoop I ain’t thinking about nothing,’ but I’m not 21. I got three kids. I’m tight with my family and I’m going through a divorce” he added. He described navigating these changes as probably the hardest transition in his life, all things considered.

Lillard admitted to trying to find a balance between life on and off the court while also striving to move forward. “You got to keep pushing forward, you know? I think that’s the best thing”, said one half of the ‘Freak Time’.

With two messy divorces, one with Portland and the other with his long-time sweetheart, things have not been all gold and glitters for Damian Lillard lately.

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