Charissa Thompson does not want to meet Michael Jordan ever and there is a good reason for it

Many people are drawn to sports because of their passion for the game. While some may not have the luck or talent to pursue a career as an athlete, they find fulfillment by getting involved in other capacities, such as becoming a sideline reporter.

Charissa Thompson falls into this category. However, despite having the chance to meet a living legend face-to-face, she decided to pass on the opportunity for a reason that makes a lot of sense.

NFL reporter’s unwillingness to ever meet Michael Jordan

NFL reporter Charissa Thompson recently disclosed on the Games With Names podcast that she never wants to meet the NBA legend, Michael Jordan.

It is not out of hatred but out of love. Thompson, a huge Jordan fan, refused to interview him saying, “I don’t want to meet him. I just love him so much” when she was asked to go to his suite in Indianapolis.

She shared the reason behind her refusal saying, “I don’t want to know if he has bad breath, if he is mean to me, I can’t. I need to put him on the shelf and always have him be my favorite.”

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In her younger days, she behaved how a fan does to catch a glimpse of her idol in a basketball camp that MJ was hosting. She has an image of Jordan that she does not want to ruin, considering the reputation the 60-year-old has for being mean.

Michael Jordan’s reputation for being mean

Michael Jordan is as offensive off-court as he is on-court. There are several reports and stories about MJ’s mean behavior that not only comes from his contemporaries but also from his fans. Rapper Chamillionaire, on meeting his hero once asked for a picture but the 6-time NBA Champion insulted him by saying that if he would get the picture only if he paid Jordan $15,000.

In a separate incident, the Bulls legend, being a golf lover turned up to La Gorce Country Club in Miami wearing cargo pants. When he was asked to change by a club official as he was not following the dress code, he arrogantly refused. As a result, he was banned from playing on their golf course in future.

He did not even spare his former teammate, Steve Kerr, whom he once punched in the face for a disagreement at training. Though it didn’t affect their relationship, Jordan’s mean streak was on full display.

In one of his more glaring acts of rudeness, Jordan soured his relationship with Charles Barkley. The latter’s criticism of his management exploits did not sit well with His Airness and ruined their relationship completely. Barkley clarified his side by saying, “I have zero credibility if I criticize other people in the same boat and not criticize my best friend.” The duo has not been on talking terms since then.

Even during the Hall of Fame Speech, he mentioned everyone starting from his ex-coaches to his kids but mostly to blast at them, it hardly had gratitude. Considering all these incidents, maybe Charissa Thompson made a good call this time around.

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