Days after bringing luck in Chiefs triumph, Taylor Swift gets playful warning from Eagles’ star ahead of Super Bowl rematch

The Kansas City Chiefs and Philadelphia Eagles have been scheduled to face-off in the upcoming month. Tickets are undoubtedly going to be sold out quicker this time with the Kansas City Chiefs being all over the headlines lately, thanks to Taylor Swift’s appearance for Travis Kelce.

It seems that fans are being magnetically attracted to the games by the presence of the pop sensation and could very well be the Chiefs’ lucky charm. With that in mind, Taylor Swift receives a playful warning from Philadelphia Eagles this time.

Darius Slay jokingly bars Pop Star from Chiefs game

Taylor Swift’s presence at the last two Chief’s games have waved throughout media the last couple of weeks. In both the matches, she observed a spectacular 41-10 victory against the Chicago Bears and then drove to New Jersey to see the Chiefs clinch a 23-20 victory over the New York Jets, despite the fact that Patrick Mahomes, unlike Zach Wilson, did not perform at his best.

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Taylor is yet to face the most formidable opponents, as the Eagles are one of only two undefeated teams left. It’s not out of the question that they and the Chiefs will compete for the Lombardi Trophy again this winter.

Therefore, in context of how Taylor Swift’s presence had seemingly inspired Travis’ Kelce’s team to a win in the Chiefs vs Bears game at MetLife, cornerback Darius Slay humorously suggest Taylor not to attend the Eagles vs Chiefs matchup.

Slay implies that Taylor brings the “energy of winning”, so keeping his advantage in mind the cornerback said, “do not come to the game.” Not to mention, this face off is going to be against Travis Kelce’s brother himself playing for the Eagles, heightening the excitement among spectators.

Swift’s presence inspires Chiefs victory

The Kansas City Chiefs dominated a recent game against the Chicago Bears by a score of 41-10 when Taylor attended and overshadowed the thrill of the game creating hypes about dating rumors.

Due to all the recent developments, fans have already started regarding Taylor Swift as the Kansas City Chiefs’ lucky charm it seems.

Even defensive tackle, Chris Jones, who is also a “certified Swiftie” was well aware of the secondary spotlight the defense was receiving and didn’t appear to mind in the least. As a matter of fact, he expressed that he even played one Taylor’s music after the match. Additionally, the Kelce brothers’ podcast, New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce, featured a bonus episode afterwards.

Chris Jones made the amusing statement rooting for Taylor and Travis, “Well, when we have Pat Mahomes and Travis Kelce out there scoring so many damn points, and we got Taylor Swift at the game — who gives a damn about the defense, bro?”

Everyone really is indicating that Taylor brings good luck for the Chiefs. Thus, with all these chaos about romance rumors of the 12-time Grammy Award winner, Taylor Swift and Chiefs tight end, Travis Kelce, netizens are eagerly waiting and expectant of her appearance at the rematch. Although anything regarding the matter hasn’t been confirmed yet.

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