Days after replicating father’s 23-year-old feat, Patrick Mahomes reveals secret to hair care in Bonner Springs commercial

Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is soaring high in the NFL world. At the young age of 27-year, the quarterback has two Super Bowl titles under his belt and is now preparing for the 2023 regular season. But that’s not all, the quarterback’s endorsement career is also rising high.

A few days back, the quarterback shared a weird practice commercial and then he signed with a brand with which his father has worked before. A few days after that, he worked with a shampoo brand sharing his hair care. 

Patrick Mahomes features in hair care commercial

Patrick Mahomes stars in a Head & Shoulders commercial filmed in Bonner Springs, Kansas. He shared the video on Instagram in which he was seen shampooing a woman’s hair. 

Patrick Mahomes

The commercial was titled ‘Tiny Troy’ and also stars former Pittsburgh Steelers safety Troy Polamalu.

“You should use it every wash,” the quarterback said.

The focus of the advertisement is on dandruff flakes in the hair. Mahomes inspects the woman’s hair and discovers a tiny Polamalu figurine observing the dandruff flakes on her scalp.

Tiny Polamalu tells Mahomes that Head & Shoulders shampoo can help get rid of these flakes that are caused by microbes on the scalp.

The City of Bonner Springs later shared that this ad was filmed on Oak Street, and they shared love and respect for the quarterback. 

“We absolutely loved being host to a national commercial with [Patrick Mahomes],” the city posted to Facebook. 

“Our Bonner Springs Police Department did a great job with security and we would love to host more film and television work in our charming downtown! Thank you to the scouts who found just what they needed in downtown Bonner Springs!”

Patrick Mahomes

The quarterback has recently also appeared in another commercial for a luxury brand Hugo Boss.

Pat Mahomes provides son with 23-year-old trivia

It seems like the quarterback has been working a lot during this offseason. While the regular season is just one week away, we are getting back-to-back commercials of Patrick Mahomes. 

This time it wasn’t a normal commercial but an ad for a fashion brand Hugo Boss valued at $5,160,000,000. 

The interesting thing is that Pat Mahomes, father of the quarterback, also modeled for this brand 23 years ago during his MLB career. Pat Mahomes shared that, “That’s crazy. I modeled for them 23 years ago.”

The two-time Super Bowl champion shared a video on Instagram with Hugo Boss with a caption, “No matter where you’re at in life, it’s about being the best you that you can be every single day. #BeYourOwnBOSS.”

Patrick Mahomes

In the video, Mahomes is wearing extravagant outfits and giving kids valuable advice that they can achieve anything they want with hard work.

“I want to show kids that they can achieve their dream and I want to show them that if they really work hard every single day they can attain it.” 

The commercial is classy the same as the brand 27-year-old modelled for. Undoubtedly, Patrick Mahomes is at the peak of his career right now. Not only is he the most talented quarterback in the NFL but also the most sought-after personality in the world of commercials.

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