Deebo Samuel lifts the lid on viral footage of 49ers rookies paying $15,000 dinner bill

The 2023 NFL draft season has just ended, and teams are now busy with pre-season games. However, amid their hectic schedule, the 49ers didn’t forget the rookie dinners tradition. It is a tradition in the NFL for seniors to throw a welcome dinner party for rookies. Recently, the San Francisco 49ers’ veterans went on a dinner with the rookie players of the team. However, they showed no mercy to the rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel. 

In a video that went viral, it could be seen that Deebo was forced to pay the bill after the dinner which was around $15,000. The fans started bashing the 49ers for this act, but the rookie wide receiver came forward to explain the story behind the viral footage. 

49ers rookies reportedly paid $15k dinner tab

The wide receiver of the team, Isaiah Winstead shared a video on Instagram in which the rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel was holding the restaurant bill in Las Vegas, which was worth $15,134.30. Usually, the seniors pay the bill as they are welcoming new members to the team, but fans were shocked to find out that Deebo was forced to pay this big amount. 


People started bashing the 49ers and Isaiah who posted the video. As things were getting heated up, Deebo stepped up and clarified the viral video, ensuring fans that it was a joke.

Deebo Samuel clarifies the viral video

Deebo Samuel reposted the tweet of his viral video in which he was holding the bill and he wrote in the caption that it was just a joke.

He also clarified that the bill was only $2500 which was paid by the 49ers‘ veterans and not by Deebo or any rookie player.

“Lol was prank wouldn’t do our two rook wideouts like that funny to see how scared they got though. Tab was only 2500.”

The fans were quite shocked to find out this and shared hilarious reactions on Twitter. 



The 49ers are famous for pranking their rookies and this time they did the same. They showed a fake bill to the rookies and forced them to pay it as a joke and later paid the bill themselves. 

It was a good start to the new season. Light jokes like these can help players mingle with each other and create strong bonds which can be very helpful in the future. 

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