NFL analyst brutally slams $160 million Dak Prescott’s Cowboys career performance amid Texas governor’s firm call

Dak Prescott, who has signed a lucrative four-year $160 million deal with the Cowboys, is getting very negative feedback from analysts. Different media personalities and analysts are brutally slamming the quarterback stating that they have very little confidence in his performance. 

Recently, a Fox NFL analyst Colin Cowherd talked about Dak and shared the details about why he thinks the quarterback is unable to lead a successful offensive unit. The quarterback gets criticism from fans and analysts weekly, but the more shocking news was that now politicians are also stepping in and sharing their views about the quarterback.

Colin Cowherd takes a swipe at Dak Prescott

During a recent episode of The Herd, Colin Cowherd, the Fox Sports analyst, shared that he has no faith in Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott. 

He said that the quarterback can’t lead a successful offensive unit until and unless there is an incredible running back or offensive line, and that Prescott gave the best performance only one time when he wasn’t expected to do so, and now, he’s not giving any hits.

“His most efficient year was the year [the Cowboys] needed him to do the least,” Cowherd said. “You keep telling me Dak is the frontman of a great band. Every time he’s out in front by himself, there are no hits.” In short, Colin doesn’t believe that Prescott is a good fit for the Cowboys.

But Colin is not the only one who thinks this way. Other people also believe that Dak needs to improve.

Texas Governor sends strong message to Dak Prescott

In an unexpected turn, Texas Governor Greg Abbott also talked about the Dallas Cowboys quarterback and shared his opinion about his performance. 

The 48th Governor of the Lone Star State recently appeared on the Dan Dick show where he shared that he is also a fan of the Cowboys.

“I’m a big Cowboys fan, and I go to Cowboys games,” Greg Abbott said. “I want to see the Dallas Cowboys back in the Super Bowl.”

After that, he shared his opinion on Dak Prescott stating that he is a good quarterback but needs to work on himself to achieve more success. 

“He is a good quarterback,” Abbott claimed. “[But] he needs to step up and show he can win a big game.”

Dak Prescott

During his career, the quarterback led the NFL with 15 interceptions. He also led the Cowboys to two championship playoff games. But it looks like Prescott will need to work harder this time, especially if he wants to regain the confidence of fans and analysts. 

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