Jets QB Aaron Rodgers $35 million backup praises “psychos” on defensive line after resounding victory

The New York Jets have one of the most powerful defensive lines in the NFL. During Saturday’s preseason game, the Jets played against the Panthers and came victorious because of its defensive line. The Jets defeated the Panthers 27-0, and the credit of this glorious victory goes to the incredible performance of the team’s pass-rushers.

Everyone was impressed by their performance, especially Zach Wilson, who is the backup quarterback of the team. After the game he talked with the media and praised the defensive line, calling them psychos. 

Zach Wilson applauds Jets defensive line

On Saturday, a preseason game was played between the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers. During the game, all pass-rushers of the Jets recorded at least one pressure in the first half. The team ended the game with 10 pressures in total which helped the team win the game. 


The backup quarterback of the team made sure to applaud the defensive line for their incredible performance. Wilson called the defensive players of the team psychos for the way they are trained. He shared that they are trained in a way, so they stay violent on the field. 

“Those guys are psychos man. The way they train them & teach them, they’re psychos. That’s a position that they are training to be violent & you can definitely see it on the field.”

Wilson further added that he agrees with Coach Saleh who believes that pressure is a crucial part of the game as it can stop the quarterback from playing efficiently. 

“I agree with Coach Saleh, the hardest thing for a quarterback to play efficiently with is when they’re getting pressured, especially pressure when they’re not even bringing extra guys. When you have 4 guys up front that can get pressure on the quarterback, it’s gonna be a long day.”

In the end, the quarterback believes that the defensive line is doing a great job which is evident through the team’s victory against the Panthers. 

“I think those guys are doing an awesome job, & it’s big for our team to have that.”

Coach Saleh is working hard and making sure that the defensive line of the team stays violent on the field. With this hardworking and determined roster, the Jets are poised to achieve many more successes in the upcoming NFL season. 

How long is Wilson’s Jets contract?

Zach Wilson was drafted by the New York Jets in 2021 and today he is one of the highest-paid players on the team. Two months after joining the team, the quarterback signed a 4-year contract.


His contract is a four-year deal worth $35.1 million and also includes a signing bonus of $22.9 million. The contract is valid till 2024 but also includes a fifth-year option. If both parties agree, then Wilson can play with the Jets in 2025 as well. Currently, he is Aaron Rodgers’ backup on the team. 

This season the Jets have focused a lot on improving their roster and the results are evident through the way they are playing in the preseason games. Now that the team has a strong defensive line and talented quarterbacks including Aaron Rodgers and Zach Wilson, the team is expected to win the Super Bowl this season.

But will they be able to? What’s your take on this? Make sure to let us know in the comments section.

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