Lakers icon Pau Gasol delivers emotional tribute to Kobe Bryant during his NBA Hall of Fame induction

The basketball family has been graced with several talents, some are still playing while others have retired from the sport. The two names that will constantly be remembered are  Los Angeles Lakers icons, Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant. However, Pau Gasol is still alive and got his induction into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. Kobe Bryant is, unfortunately, no more with us, as he died in an accident in 2020.

At the Ceremony which was a mixed emotional, Pau then offered a tribute to Kobe Bryant at his NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony, which ushered the Class of 2023 to take their rightful place among basketball’s elite, offering a unique opportunity for these superstars of Basketball to reflect upon their stellar careers.

Pau Gasol gives tribute to Kobe Bryant

As the archives of basketball history welcomed the Class of 2023 into its revered pages, Pau Gasol’s heartfelt gratitude to Kobe Bryant served as a touching tribute to the power of partnership, mentorship, and the unwavering bonds they shared in the sport which led to successes. 

Pau however goes further by saying: “The person who elevated my game like no other, who taught me what it took to win at the highest level, who showed me how hard you had to work and the mentality you needed to have in order to be the best. The commitment you had to make, what it meant and took to be a leader.” Kobe.


The night I joined the team in DC, and I got to the hotel after midnight, you know, he was testing me. He said ‘hey! I wanna come by the room, I wanna welcome you, I wanna say hello, I wanna welcome you to the team.’ I said, ‘wait a minute, it’s late, it’s gonna be past 1 am and am sure you gonna wait till tomorrow’, he said ‘no no, it’s not gonna be too late, I’m coming, I’m coming over.’

“I said ‘okay sounds good, the team had a game the next day at noon, so he just wanted to make sure that by the way first I got the message, so welcome to the team, I am happy you are here, now let’s go to the championship together so sorry I mean, I mean,  have a good night.’ And that was it, that was it, eish! that was it, no no, no probs! now straight, straight to the cheers, I won’t be here without you brother. I wish more than anything that your entity is here today with us, I miss and love you.”

Pau Gasol and Kobe Bryant’s brotherly Bond 

In 2008 Bryant and Gasol reached the NBA Finals despite only playing together for a few months, but they ran into a superior Celtics team at the end of the Lakers’ playoff run.

Pau Gasol


Both Bryant and the Lakers coach, Phil Jackson, rallied behind Gasol, urging him to elevate his performance to new heights by fusing his exceptional skills with raw power. Together, they emerged victorious against the Magic in 2009 the LA Lakers, and conquering the Celtics in 2010, clinching the franchise’s 15th and 16th championship titles.

Reflecting on that occasion, Pau Gasol recounted,  “We were resolute in securing this championship. However, the bond helped them to secure major titles together.

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