Dennis Rodman spotted at LGBTQ rally, former NBA star sends bold message to homophobic haters: “Love will always win”

Sportsmen joining LGBTQ rallies is a common display of solidarity and support within the sporting community. And when it comes to NBA superstars, their involvement in LGBTQ rallies can have a powerful impact, amplifying the message of inclusivity and equality to a wider audience and basketball followers around the world.

‘Love will Always Win🌈Happy Pride’ was the caption the lanky Dennis Rodman posted along with a video on the gram sporting a cute green ‘Plaid School Girl Skirt’ and greeting his fans. On national television, Dennis once boldly proclaimed that he was gay before later admitting that he was joking.

Rodman’s New York Knicks contract was lost as a result of this little stunt on The View on ABC, but it generated a tonne of media attention.

Fans’ Reaction to Dennis Rodman’s Appearance at a Pride Rally

Dennis Rodman has done several things over his career that have raised questions about his sexual orientation, such as showing up in a wedding dress to promote his book “Bad As I Want To Be,” which neatly summarises his philosophy. In his efforts to live a life devoid of expectations and judgment from society, the five-time NBA Champion has disproven numerous preconceptions.

‘Dennis The Menace’ Rodman a one-time star for the Chicago Bulls indeed, however, attended the New York City pride march meeting his lovely fans on the 25th of June. Rodman has had a plethora of high-profile flings with the ladies, including Carmen Electra and Madonna, despite never coming out openly as gay.

Yet it is also absolutely crucial to respect Rodman’s right to private life and sexual pickings. Regardless of his unique personal journey, it is super-heartening to see such a prominent member of the NBA realm supporting and celebrating LGBTQ+ rights at one of the biggest pride celebrations in the world. Fans did not hesitate to share their thoughts on twitter.

Oswald H. Bates is not surprised by Rodman’s such activities by pulling the trigger saying, “He’s been doing this since the mid 90s on the Spurs, before the Bulls. This ain’t even a story lol”.

@Dani agreed to Oswald saying, “Rodman was doing this before this was a thing 😭😭”


Rodman is still one of the best players of his time and is still very well involved in the welfare of the community.  Like his hair and character, he made the routine seem peculiar. Indeed, no one can really describe what Rodman was like during his Hall of Fame career.

Dennis Rodman NBA career recap

The plays and highlights made by Dennis Rodman are unparalleled. Rodman played unlike any other player, which is why. He enlivened rebounding. He was enthusiastic about floor burns. Yet, the best insights into a 6-foot-8 forward who played on the edge, added glamour to grunt effort and dived for the loose balls with flair-like Louganis can be found in the highlights.

From a basketball viewpoint, Rodman started from scratch. He didn’t engage in high school basketball. He wasn’t a top-tier potential as a matter of fact, he wasn’t even a prospect. After graduating barely from his high school, he labored as an airport guard. Other than pick-up games in his hometown of Dallas, basketball didn’t dominate his life. The way it did for so many other stalwart players who eventually made it to the Hall of Fame, so he had no idea where it would lead him.

Dennis Rodman

Here, Rodman shares some background information about himself and how his history inspired him to construct his present. The Rodman Method was used by ‘The Worm’ to score 32 points against the Warriors early in his career. This included second-chance baskets, offensive put-backs, and out-fleecing everyone to the basket for layups.

The Bulls would eventually go on to win three straight championships with Rodman at their side, with ‘Worm’ averaging 15.9 rebounds per game throughout that span. If he lacked the offensive talent that defined so many other Hall of Famers, Rodman’s genuine identity was his work and will to succeed. In that regard, Dennis Rodman was successful in ways that no one else could have been and none could have ever imagined either.





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