Derrick Brown’s altercation with Michael Thomas wasn’t the only tussle in the arena with viral footage showing Saints-Panthers fans in brutal melee

The New Orleans Saints defeated the Carolina Panthers with a score of 20-17 in a Monday night game. The game was very intense and frustrating for both teams. While Saints and Panthers battled out in the field, different sorts of battles occurred off the field. 

Commonly, things get intense among players and fans during games, but this night was extra dramatic. First, the video went viral, showcasing the altercation between Michael Thomas and Derrick Brown. But later, it was revealed that it wasn’t the only altercation that had happened that night.

Viral footage shows brutal fan fight

As the NFL regular season progresses, we are hearing more of such ugly brawl stories. Almost after every game, there is news of a serious altercation between the fans. A few days ago, a Patriots fan even died as a result of such an altercation

After the Saints-Panthers game, a similar incident happened. A viral video emerged showing a physical fight between fans of the Saints and the Panthers inside Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte, North Carolina.


It featured a Saints fan (dressed in black and white) dominating a physical altercation with a Panthers fan. The fight occurred in the stadium, with the FOX NFL Theme song playing in the background.

The reasons for the brawl remain unknown, and there’s no confirmation of any charges yet. The NFL has strict conduct rules that could result in disciplinary action for those involved.

Altercation between Michael Thomas, Derrick Brown

Before this ugly brawl between the fans, a video went viral on social media showing the altercation between Michael Thomas, the Saints wide receiver, and Derrick Brown, the Panthers defensive tackle. 

Video footage from X (formerly Twitter) showed both players shouting at each other while heading to their respective locker rooms.


Brown, aged 25, followed Thomas, aged 30, around a corner, and another individual attempted to calm Brown down.

Then the third person separated both of them. Saints head coach Dennis Allen shared that Thomas went to the locker room through the wrong tunnel because he got confused, and Brown got offensive because of that.

In terms of their performance in the game, Thomas caught seven passes for 55 yards on nine targets, while Brown recorded seven total tackles in a defensive-focused match.

The Panthers had a challenging night, with their rookie quarterback Bryce Young struggling and losing a fumble in the red zone. The frustration from the Panthers’ performance likely contributed to the tensions.

Things are getting to an extreme level now. The league needs to take strict action against such activities. So, the games can become a safe place for everyone who goes there to enjoy themselves and have a relaxing time.

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