Dolphins RB Salvon Ahmed is raising money for 53-year-old Patriots fan who died after getting punched at Dolphins game

Salvon Ahmed, the running back of the Miami Dolphins is trying to recover the loss caused by a Dolphins fan. During a recent game between the Dolphins and Patriots, a serious brawl broke out between the fans, which had some serious consequences.

This incident has since ignited a flurry of discussions, both within the sports community and beyond, drawing attention to the complex dynamics of fan rivalries and the consequences that can sometimes ensue. Now, the RB of the Dolphins is diligently working to rectify this serious issue.

Dolphins RB Salvon Ahmed is raising money for passed-away Patriots fan

During the game between the Patriots and Dolphins, two fans started a brawl, which resulted in the death of a Patriots fan, Dale Mooney. The 53-year-old man, who came to enjoy the game, had no idea he’d leave his family and this world behind. He had a wife and two children, who are left alone now.

The wife of Mooney talked to the media, expressing utter shock and grief: “I just can’t even believe this is for real. I want to know what happened. What caused this?”

Salvon Ahmed

While the investigation is ongoing, Salvon Ahmed, RB of the Dolphins, has started raising money to help the family of the deceased fan. He is promoting a GoFundMe for Mooney. Ahmed set the goal at $10,000, and called the Dolphins fans to donate for the late fan, “I know Dolphins fans are the best at stuff like this, so go show support to this guy’s family stuff like this should never happen at a football game.”

By doing this, Salvon Ahmed is not only trying to help the family of Dale Mooney but also wants to spread awareness that this type of incident shouldn’t happen during the football games.

New footage shows a Patriots fan hitting his head after a Dolphins fan punches him

Mooney, a 53-year-old married father of two from Newmarket, New Hampshire, attended the Patriots vs. Dolphins game. However, after some time, he started arguing with a guy who punched him twice, and he fell.

The people around him started to realize that it was something serious when Mooney didn’t get up. He was immediately taken to the hospital, and then he passed away. 

New footage obtained shows Mooney, wearing a Patriots jersey, being punched by a Dolphins fan shortly before collapsing during a brawl. Eyewitnesses claim that the punch led to Mooney falling to the ground. 

Law enforcement authorities, specifically the Norfolk County DA’s office, have opened an investigation into the incident. A man was immediately arrested as well, but there have been no charges filed yet.

The results of his autopsy are expected soon, which will reveal what caused his death. Eyewitnesses claimed that he had been arguing with a Dolphins fan throughout the game, and he punched him. According to the footage, it is clear the punch made Mooney hit his head which ultimately became the cause of his death.

Salvon Ahmed

Gillette Stadium officials expressed their condolences and mentioned their cooperation with local authorities in the ongoing investigation. They described Dale Mooney as a lifelong Patriots fan and a 30-year season ticket member.

“We continue to work with local authorities to assist them with their ongoing investigation,” according to the statement. “We extend our sincerest sympathies and heartfelt condolences to Dale’s family and to all those who are mourning his loss.”

Dale Mooney’s death is a serious reminder of the brutal consequences of fans’ altercations during sports. The authorities need to investigate this matter and punish the other person who was involved in this altercation and punched Mooney. 

Till then, Salvon Ahmed is raising money for Mooney’s family and we hope Dolphin fans will also contribute to at least financially help the family of the deceased fan.

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