Aston Martin’s Lance Stroll shuts down rumors of Sebastian Vettel replacing him at F1 Japanese GP

Aston Martin and their drivers, Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll have proved to be a fairly successful team this season through the surprising jump from last year in terms of race pace and qualifying power of their AMR23 car. What was once termed as a ‘green tractor’ by F1 community has gone toe to toe several times this season with veteran teams.

However, Lance Stroll seems to be overshadowed by his own teammate in terms of points and performance in the very same car. Fernando Alonso has been hunting podiums almost every race but Lance has yet to prove his mettle through an impressive race.

F1 fans speculates Sebastian Vettel replacing Lance Stroll rumors

Lance Stroll was paired with Sebastian Vettel for two seasons before the F1 legend retired, but, even in those years Lance just couldn’t squeeze out the performance of the car the way Sebastian could. It is also a less highlighted fact that the improvements in this year’s car stemmed from Vettel’s inputs too.

Formula 1 enthusiasts are huge fans of Sebastian Vettel and they heartily await his return into Formula 1. Lance Stroll suffered a massive crash this weekend and due to that, fans were speculating that Sebastian Vettel may return to the tracks for another run in his favorite circuit

The Japanese GP at Suzuka Circuit is one of the tracks he loves the most, this made the fans believe that nothing would be more apt to complete his 300 races in F1 than the Suzuka circuit itself.

Lance Stroll confirms to return to action at this weekend’s F1 Japanese GP

A more logical opinion came when someone suggested a rumor that their reserve driver Felipe Drugovich maybe the one replacing Lance Stroll this weekend.

Matthew J. Thompson was the one, who supposedly conveyed this breaking news on X platform.

It seems that Lance Stroll wasn’t particularly happy, about such news spreading around the internet and he took to the platform, to willfully announce his return to the circuit in Japanese GP.

It often happens in Formula 1 that a driver is not a particular favorite and often rumored to be replaced by a more famous driver who raced for the team earlier. This is usually disheartening and depressive for the driver under scrutiny of fans. However, we should always know that Formula 1 drivers are in the sport because they earned a super license and they give their best every weekend.

What do you think about Lawrence being replaced by Sebastian Vettel, do you also want Vettel to make a comeback in the next race.


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