Ferrari’s Charles Leclerc hopes to ‘catch up’ with teammate Carlos Sainz despite struggling with the ‘unpredictability’ of the car

Charles Leclerc is known worldwide, mostly due to his attractiveness and charm in the sport. However, he has yet to provide an outstanding performance at the Singapore Grand Prix like his Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz.

Charles is determined to be on Carlo’s level by overcoming the hardships he faces due to the unpredictability of the car and basically stepping outside his comfort zone. Many fans are eagerly anticipating his comeback this season as well as in the upcoming ones.

Charles Leclerc confident on being at Carlos Sainz’s level

Charles expressed the fuelled-up version of himself he is building at the moment. According to Ferrari News, Charles was full of praise of his colleague: “Carlos in Monza and Singapore has been very strong.”

“It’s great to have him on such a form because it pushes me to understand a bit more about my driving style and try to fit my driving style to this car.”

He then continued to express his discomfort about Ferrari’s vehicle and the unpredictability the car delivers: “I’m not completely comfortable with the car at the moment. There’s a bit too much understeer for my liking, I struggle to drive around it. Because of the unpredictability of the car, I cannot have the oversteer that I want.”

“So there’s a bit of work to do but it’s first of all great to see that the competitiveness seems to be up there, that Carlos feels at ease. Now it’s up to me to try and catch up.”

Charles Leclerc’s performance at the Singapore GP

Charles Leclerc faced a “critical” engine problem in the final lap of the Singapore Grand Prix. Leclerc lost 17 seconds to Max Verstappen in the final four laps and crossed the line two-tenths of a second ahead of the Dutchman for fourth place.

The Monegasque driver revealed that his car was overheating, which forced him to back off his pace to see the chequered flag.

“It was all about bringing the car to the end, the car was overheating, everywhere,” Leclerc told media including RacingNews365.

“So the pace was not representative. It was all about bringing the car home, but before that, the pace was good. It was good race management from the team.

“[It was] mostly engine, we knew that this was critical. I also was aware that Singapore is always critical for the race.“ After the two Mercedes passed me there wasn’t much to gain any more by pushing, so we decided to bring the car home.”

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