Details on How Jake Paul cost Tommy Fury millions

Jake Paul has garnered quite the infamous personality over the years on the internet. The YouTuber has turned into a boxer, and currently boasts a 5-0 record. With many people wanting to see an end to the hype train, Tommy Fury was touted by many as the person who could disrupt Paul’s momentum. Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury became the center of discussion for fans.

But things do not always go to plan, do they? Fury had to pull out of the fight that was scheduled for last December. Fans were clearly upset,  but here is a look at the reasons behind the fight cancellation, and what consequences it had.

Why Did Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Not Happen?

Two weeks before their highly anticipated fight, Tommy Fury broke his rib in training. He was also suffering from a bacterial infection.

As a result, Jake had to look for an opponent elsewhere. His search eventually led him to scheduling a rematch with former UFC Welterweight Champion Tyron Woodley. Jake won the fight in a rather convincing manner via a knockout, and took his boxing record to an impressive 5-0. 

Tommy Fury Cost Jake Paul Millions, But How?

Paul’s Most Valuable Promotion, and Showtime spent a lot of money to promote the fight across four different press conferences. They even stacked the under card with major bouts in order to sell more PPVs. But as Fury pulled out very close to the fight, the promoters had to look elsewhere for another opponent for Jake Paul.

Their search led to Tyron Woodley, who had previously lost to Jake. Although Woodley had the chance to get revenge, he got knocked out. The only thing that fell harder than Woodley, however, was the number of PPVs sold.

For their first fight, the number of PPVs sold was 500,000, which plummeted to a staggering 65,000 in the second fight.  Jake himself has admitted that he lost a lot of money because of the change in opponent, but was not aware of the exact figures.

Why did Paul vs. Woodley 2 Not Earn As Much?

The first fight between Woodley and Jake Paul had the attention of the entire world. But it is fair to say that Jake’s fight with Tommy Fury was able to generate much greater excitement for the fans, but that excitement was squashed prematurely. People were reluctant to see Paul fight Woodley again. The “Product” had already been sold, and more than half the people were not willing to buy the same product again.

This reluctance led to the lower number of PPV sales, and eventually resulted in lower paydays. But truth be told, you cannot point your finger at anyone and say that it was their fault. Rearranging a card two weeks before it is scheduled to go down makes it very difficult to find the right opponent.

Will Jake Paul vs Tommy Fury Ever Happen?

Fans will be pleased to know that the fight between the two is speculated to be held in August. According to iconic boxing promoter Eddie Hearn, the fight is scheduled for 13th August.

Fury’s promoter Frank Warner had already expressed their interest to schedule the fight between the two. But at that point, there was no concrete noise from Paul’s camp, but now the inevitable is set to have a date. The fight will put both their undisputed records on the line, with Paul being 5-0, and Fury having an 8-0 record.

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