“Devin Haney Jabbin the SH*T Outta This Dude” Atlanta Hawks’s Star Trae Young Drops Savage Bomb on George Kambosos Jr

Trae Young shares his excitement on Devin Haney bout against George Kambosos Jr. The fight was a sight for the sore eyes as Devin dominated George all throughout the 12 rounds. The Dream flew to Australia , rightly so, winning the first ever all four world championships at 135 pounds. The first-ever four-belt undisputed lightweight champion completely destroyed Kambosos. 

The Hawks point guard , a fan of The Dream shared his feelings on twitter. Devin really beat his opponent rather rigorously. Drama spiked during the fight when Haney landed a fabulous jab which practically quashed kambosos’s every attempt at offense. Each shot thrown at Kambosos casted down his effort to let go of right hand. 
The night ended by crowning Haney winner through unanimous decision. 

“I handicapped him at his best game,” In retrospect, Haney went on about handicapping Kambosos.”He wanted to land the overhand right and the big left hook. I handicapped him. I was fighting both ways. When I would go to the left I would fight his right hand. When I would go to the right, I would fight his hook. He couldn’t land either one of them.”

There was trash talk from Kambosos’s side which lead to a rocky start. But Haney remained calm all throughout and talked through his jabs. The turnout can be different the next time for Kambosos as the fight was open to a rematch clause. Kambosos could get even with Haney and the after fight interview clarified his intentions distinctly. 


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