Does Marcus Rashford’s caption mishap overshadow David de Gea exit? Exploring Manchester United star’s hilarious blunder

After the exit of David De Gea from Manchester United was confirmed, Marcus Rashford wished him farewell on social media but instead received mockery for a silly mistake. 

It has been confirmed on Friday that the longtime United keeper will finally be leaving the club after 12 years of service. Previously, it was believed that he will be offered a contract but it seems both parties have decided to part ways.

The Spaniard won a number of trophies at the club and wrote a final message to the United fans to announce his departure.

“I would like to express my unwavering gratitude and appreciation for the love from the last 12 years. We’ve achieved a lot since my dear Sir Alex Ferguson brought me to this club. I took incredible pride everytime I pulled on this shirt, to lead the team, to represent this institution, the biggest club in the world was an honour only bestows upon a few lucky footballers.”

Rashford’s hilarious mistake while wishing David farewell on social media

Many United players and fans took to social media to bid farewell to the player. But one teammate’s farewell post took the eyes of many fans for a hilarious mistake. The player in question is Marcus Rashford who supposedly wrote a farewell post for De Gea.

In the post, he shared an image of the two hugging. But the caption read out, “Caption ideas: You were here from my breakthrough, good luck with your next step brother.”


The two words ‘Caption ideas’ at the beginning caught the eyes of many who immediately found it as a way to mock the player. The player’s account already edited the post to remove the words and additionally turned off the comments. It is thought the player’s account is managed by someone else and they probably copied the whole line from ChatGPT or other sites.

The blunder from the player has divided fans, with some seeing it as a normal mistake, while others seeing it as insulting to a legend of the club.

Why is David De Gea leaving United?

Even though he won the Golden Glove this season, United were looking to replace David De Gea with another candidate as the starting goalkeeper. His on-the-ball ability and his tendency to make big mistakes likely led to the decision, but they were still looking to keep him as a backup keeper.

They did offer him a new contract with lower wages, which David agreed to. But the club ripped up that contract, and want to offer him a new contract with an even lower salary.

De Gea announced on Saturday that his time at Old Trafford is over after 12 years

All of this convinced De Gea that the club was not valuing him enough. Instead of dragging on the contract negotiations, he decided to leave on a free transfer.

The club is now trying to bring in Inter Milan’s goalkeeper Andre Onana. An initial first bid was rejected but a second bid is close to being accepted. Meanwhile, De Gea has offers from Spain and a lucrative offer from Saudi Arabia as well.

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