Dolphins’ new WR signing provides options for QB Tua Tagovailoa in passing game

The Miami Dolphins have signed a new wide receiver, Chosen Anderson, to strengthen the depth on the roster for the next season.

The Dolphins are not anywhere near successful in this decade as they have only appeared four times in the postseason. Meanwhile, their last season showed promising improvement, and the organization felt the urge to support the team.

In doing so, they signed Chosen on Saturday to increase the option for offense. He was released by the Arizona Cardinals in March, just five months after joining, and the Dolphins picked him up like a cherry.

Before that, he started his professional career with the New York Jets after going undrafted in 2016. Later in 2020, he joined the Carolina Panthers and played until an unfortunate event led to a disagreement with the wide receiver coach, Joe Dailey.

What can Chosen Anderson bring to the Dolphins?

The 29-year-old’s last season was disastrous, as he went through a rough patch after moving to Arizona. He didn’t score any touchdowns for the Cardinal, who didn’t even start any games.

Prior to that, he scored 29 touchdowns, made 375 receptions, and accumulated 4956 yards of receiving with a 55.8% catch rate. From the stats, it doesn’t seem like much, but as a backup, he should be able to do the job. Furthermore, it would make the job easier for their star quarterback, Tua Tagovailoa.

However, his average receiving yards per game is his area of expertise, as he averaged 44.6 yards per game in his seven-year career. The dolphins will probably benefit from Anderson’s every contribution.

What do you think about Anderson? Can he do any good for the dolphins? Do you have any better player in mind that could better help the team? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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