Max Holloway ‘blessed’ Arnold Allen after defeating him in unanimous decision at UFC Kansas City

The Ultimate Fighting Championship finally returned to Kansas City. Max Holloway experienced euphoria in the main event of tonight’s Fight Night, while Arnold Allen experienced misery.

In a dramatic contest at tonight’s Fight Night held at the T-Mobile Arena in Kansas City, the American fighter prevailed over his British opponent. After five rounds of competitive display of mixed martial arts, Blessed (49-46, 49-46, 48-47) eventually defeated Allen by unanimous decision. 

What did Arnold Allen and Max Holloway say during the post-fight interview?

Mixed martial arts enthusiasts in Missouri were quite excited to attend the Fight Night and see some thrilling MMA action. The match between Max and Allen didn’t seem to let down the home crowd, in fact. The main event of tonight’s show between the two top featherweights undoubtedly caught everyone’s attention, as they both put on fantastic performances inside the octagon.

The 31-year-old fighter has been having a difficult time in his well-decorated career, so Max’s fight was an effort to keep his career alive. ‘Blessed‘ had just two victories in his previous five fights before he arrived in Kansas City. Ironically, each of his previous three losses was in title fights, and they were all against Alexander Volkanovski, the reigning featherweight champion.

The American fighter, however, did not hold off from praising Allen for his valiant effort. In the octagon interested, the former featherweight champion said, “Kansas, I love everybody here. But when this beast of a man [Allen] here takes the mic, cheer the man. He deserves it.”

The British fighter was unquestionably a formidable opponent. Allen has won his last ten fights, and at the T-Mobile Center, he expected to defeat “Blessed” to advance toward the title. Even though Arnold lost against Max, the 28-year-old boxer gave it everything he had to earn Max’s respect.

“Arnold hits like a truck. He got me in the last round and blackened my eye. My career is in jeopardy now because of you. The dude’s durable. He wanted to go all the way and I welcome that.” Max added. 

Holloway won over Yair Rodriguez before losing to Volkanovski. It’s now up for debate who Holloway ought to fight after defeating the division’s fifth-ranked fighter.

Who will Max fight next? Will it be against Jung Chan-Sung also known as The Korean Zombie or another fight for redemption versus Alexander The Great? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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