Eagles’ CB Darius Slay drops bombshell about Ravens’ offer that almost convinced him to leave

Eagles’ cornerback Darius Slay dropped a shocking revelation about a tempting offer he received from the Baltimore Ravens during the last offseason that almost convinced him to leave the Eagles.

The Philly earlier allowed Slay’s agent Drew Rosenhaus to seek a trade for the five-time Pro Bowler per ESPN, albeit he didn’t ask to be traded as the 32-year-old opened up earlier about it.

Darius Slay

“I just want my fans to know, Slay did not ask to be traded. But this is part of the business. There’s no bad blood against neither one of us, me or (general manager) Howie (Roseman). None of that. We all good. Great understanding, just the business part of it” he told.

However, the Eagles later decided to retain their veteran player by agreeing to a three-year, $42 million contract including $23 million fully guaranteed to keep him in the team through the 2025 season.

The Ravens were luring the Eagles’ Darius Slay

During his appearance on the Big Play Slay Podcast, the Eagles defensive back Darius Slay revealed he was very close to joining the Ravens squad as they pursued him first for his signature, offered him what he demanded, and he was in serious trade talks, albeit he later decided to continue with the Philly by re-signing a deal.

“I was almost… a Baltimore Raven. I was this close. But, I wanted to be an Eagle. I stayed an Eagle because I knew me and Howie were going to figure something out. But the Baltimore Ravens were the first team that called, and they offered me just what I wanted” Darius stated.

Slay started his NFL career as a second-round pick in 2013 and stayed in the Detroit Lions squad for the first seven seasons of his illustrious career earning him three-time Pro Bowler with the team.

After being traded to the Eagles, the football legend continued his success rates with the team as he ensured the Eagles’ way to the Super Bowl during the past season by finishing 55 tackles and defending 14 passes earning him the title of Pro Bowler in 2021 and 2022.

Despite the potential missed opportunity, Slay remains committed to the Eagles and is focused on helping the team succeed in the upcoming season. The Eagles’ front office is also likely breathing a sigh of relief, as they were able to retain a key player and avoid the need to fill a major hole in their defense.

Fans can look forward to seeing Slay back in action on the field, as he continues to make plays and help the Eagles soar to new heights.


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