Endeavor boss Mark Shapiro promises to use “UFC playbook” for WWE following historic merger

WWE will now operate its operations under the parent firm Endeavor as a result of the merger. The newly founded company’s president and Endeavor’s chief operating officer, Mark Shapiro, has detailed their specific intentions for the biggest wrestling organization in the world.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and Dana White’s Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) merged on Monday in a historic deal to become a $21 billion entertainment powerhouse led by Endeavor Group Holdings and Ari Emanuel as CEO.

What does Mark Shapiro have to say about WWE being taken under Endeavor’s wing?

Fans of WWE have been wondering whether the company will be run the way it has been for the last four decades. Vince McMahon bought the company from his father in 1982 and built the company brick by brick. Now the question is whether Endeavor will be under any influence on the way McMahon’s company is run. 

In an interview with Sports Business Journal, Endeavor’s president has assured that they are going to give the same treatment to the wrestling giant as UFC. Endeavor took partial ownership of Ultimate Fighting Championship back in 2016 and last year the parent company took over 50.1 % of the MMA giant. 

“We’re going to run the UFC playbook. The opportunity to put Vince McMahon’s creative head with Dana and Ari is going to create a significant amount of value for shareholders,” said Shapiro. 

It is fascinating indeed the way UFC became a massive success under Endeavor’s leadership and with Dana White in the driving seat. The same can be expected from McMahon’s company. Even though Shapiro will be the chief operating officer of the new company, the wrestling business will be taken care of by Vince as the new company’s chairman and Nick Khan as WWE president. 

“That’s how it has successfully played out for the UFC over the last six years. Remember when we bought it for $4.1 billion? People thought that price was crazy. Now, it is valued at $12.1 billion. We hope to do the same thing with the WWE.” Shapiro added.

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