ESPN reportedly cuts ‘Pat McAfee Show’ feed as Jets QB Aaron Rodgers mentions Anthony Fauci in Halloween costume talk

Aaron Rodgers, currently sidelined from the NFL due to an injury, continues to make regular appearances on The Pat McAfee Show every Tuesday. Notably, Rodgers earns a substantial income from his participation in the show.

During his recent guest appearance, the 39-year-old, who has been making headlines for his outspoken views on subjects like COVID-19 vaccines and his compensation for the show, became the center of attention. A recent incident on the show has left many wondering if there might be more to the story.

ESPN cuts feed after Rodgers brings up vaccine-themed Halloween costume

ESPN reportedly cut the feed of ‘The Pat McAfee Show’ during a Halloween-themed episode when they were interviewing Aaron Rodgers.

Pat McAfee and A.J. Hawk, the show hosts, were dressed up in costumes for the Halloween episode. Pat McAfee was dressed as a deceased whale that Colts Owner Jim Irsay tried to airlift, and A.J. Hawk was dressed as Edward Scissorhands.

During the interview, the conversation turned to Halloween costumes, and Rodgers mentioned that he wore a costume the night before. This led to McAfee and Hawk asking about his costume, and they playfully guessed it might be related to Dr. Anthony Fauci, a reference to COVID and the vaccine.

Aaron Rodgers
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“I had my costume on last night, but…” the QB began. “What was it?” McAfee and Hawk both asked.

“Fauch [Fauci]? What was it?” Hawk continued. “A doctor?” McAfee inquired. “A scientist?”

“It was a spike protein,” the QB admitted.

Just after Rodgers mentioned his costume was a “spike protein,” the feed was mysteriously cut. Aaron Rodgers is known for his skepticism towards the COVID-19 vaccine and has been critical of figures like Dr. Fauci and Pfizer. 

The feed cutting out raised suspicions, as it appeared to happen at the moment when COVID and vaccine-related topics were mentioned. Many viewers questioned whether ESPN and Disney were attempting to censor the show, which is known for its candid discussions.

Pat McAfee reportedly pays Aaron Rodgers “millions” for weekly in-season appearances

Pat McAfee reportedly pays millions to procure interviews with high-profile guests like Aaron Rodgers and Nick Saban. Rodgers is said to receive over seven figures per year for his weekly appearances on the show.

After this news went viral, McAfee made it clear that he does pay his guests a lot, especially Aaron Rodgers, who has contributed a lot to the show’s success.

Aaron Rodgers
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Aaron Rodgers has been a central figure in the show’s popularity, especially with his dramatic decision-making process regarding his NFL career. Although the QB is a central part of the show and is known for making candid remarks, the recent feed cut out of his comments during the show has raised suspicions of potential censorship by the network.

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