Ex-Barcelona teammate Luis Suarez remains hopeful to reunite with Lionel Messi despite Inter Miami deal fiasco: “Me and Leo dream of retiring together”

The bond between Messi, Neymar Jr., and Luis Suarez Suarez transcended soccer. They became one of the best iconic trios in football history because of their closeness on and off the pitch. 

The MSN became disjointed in 2017 when Neymar left Barcelona to join PSG. Not long after, Luis Suraz also left to join Atletico Madrid, leaving Messi alone in the club. Though still with friends like Jordi Alba and Busquets, Messi hoped of playing with his favorite teammates again, a dream that is yet to materialize.

Luis Suarez hopes to reunite with Lionel Messi before retirement

The bond between Messi and Suarez, both on and off the pitch, was glaring to everyone. On the pitch, spectators witnessed a friendship encapsulated in selflessness – Messi and Suarez would assist one another even when it wasn’t necessary.

However, this was short-lived, as Suarez had to depart the club in 2021. Barcelona was forced to make some ruthless decisions during their financial fiasco, one of which was cutting Luis Suarez off the team to recoup his Barcelona wages and transfer fee. Barca’s precarious financial situation forced them to put an end to what was left of the iconic MSN. The three had dreamt of playing together once again since this period. 

Luis Suarez left Catalonia for Madrid to play for Atletico Madrid, and he helped them win La Liga in his first year of joining. His spell with Atleti also ended badly when the 35-year-old Uruguayan discovered he was not part of the club’s plan for the next season. It was indeed an unsuspected ending, as deduced from his comments – “We had a meeting with the club in December, we agreed to talk in February, and Alique told me that they were going to give me a farewell, and I said, “well, at least someone from the club tells me something”

After his stint at Atletico Madrid, he joined Nacional and later Gremio. Gremio announced that Luis Suarez would join the club on a 2-year deal as a free agent. He went on to win two titles for the club, and since then, he sustained a knee injury that would see an end to his career, but he’s fit again, and he now dreams of retiring in the MLS, where his buddy, Leo Messi is currently having a time of his life. He stated emphatically that “Me and Leo dream of retiring together.”

Luis Suarez

What happened to Luis Suarez’s Inter Miami transfer deal?

After signing Leo Messi and Sergio Busquets, the MLS side Inter Miami has been linked again to Luis Suarez. This link sparked an exciting prospect, though a potential deal is no longer likely to happen because the 36-year-old’s contract with Gremio will not end till 2024, and the club wants him there another year. 

Luis Suarez is so keen on this transfer that he reportedly intends to buy out the remnant of his contract with Gremio. On his desire to retire with Leo Messi, Luis Suarez had this to say;

Luis Suarez

“It was something that we always planned when we were in Barcelona. And from one year to the next, I went to Atletico, and he went to PSG. We dreamed of it and talked about it that after Barcelona, we would go to the United States, and nothing happened then.

“Now he decided to go there, and from what you can see, he looks happy, and we hope that at some point, that possibility will occur.”

Will we see Luis Suarez and Lionel Messi play together again? Don’t forget to share your opinions with us in the comments.


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