Ex-Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins sends bold promise to future teammates amid NFL trade speculation: “I will make your job easy”

Former Cardinals star wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins who is now a free agent has sent a powerful message on his social media. It is currently unknown which team he will join but still, he took to social media and addressed his future teammates. 

Keep reading to find out what message DeAndre sent to his future teammates and which team will probably acquire him.

DeAndre Hopkins sends bold message to future teammates

Former Arizona Cardinals star DeAndre Hopkins is leaving no stone unturned in his pursuit of a new team in the NFL. 

DeAndre Hopkins

Amidst trade speculation and ongoing negotiations, Hopkins took to social media to send a bold promise to his future teammates. The wide receiver, known for his exceptional skills and game-changing abilities, declared that he would make their job easy once he found his new home. 

“Whoever’s in my future wide receiver group. I promise I will make your job easy,” the Ex-Cardinals star tweeted.


With several teams vying for his services, Hopkins’ statement has only heightened the anticipation surrounding his potential landing spot.

Who is favored to land Hopkins?

DeAndre Hopkins is currently a free agent as his team, Arizona Cardinals released him last month. There are many options for him. He recently visited the two teams’ organizations, The New England Patriots and Tennessee Titans. 

However, the Patriots are favored to land DeAndre Hopkins. There is a 50% chance of him joining the New England team, a prospect that could address their pressing need for a star wide receiver.

DeAndre Hopkins

Moreover, the potential fit between Hopkins and the Patriots seems ideal on multiple fronts. New England’s new offensive coordinator, Bill O’Brien, previously coached him during their time together in Houston. This existing rapport and familiarity could facilitate a seamless transition for Hopkins into the Patriots’ system, amplifying the team’s chances of landing the highly coveted receiver.

As DeAndre Hopkins continues to navigate his journey toward finding a new team in the NFL, his promise to future teammates has only added to the intrigue surrounding his eventual landing spot.

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