NBA Insider drops truth bomb on Damian Lillard and his ultimatum to Blazers amid trade speculations: “He wants to compete for a championship”

The NBA draught is on Thursday, and the Portland Trail Blazers are in a difficult position. They are currently torn between rebuilding around their future No. 3 choice and retooling around superstar point guard Damian Lillard.

Lillard has reportedly told the team that he wants to contend for a title the next season, according to reports said Chris Haynes. He has clearly stated that he is totally done playing with young prospects, though.

Chris Haynes drops the truth bomb on Damian Lillard’s ultimatum

If Portland maintained the option, Chris Haynes, who is reputed to be close with Lillard off the court, said there would be “serious conversations” about moving on. Lillard’s overall mental process was succinctly described by Haynes in the most recent edition of his podcast #thisleague UNCUT:

“Dame has made it clear that he wants to compete for a championship, and he wants to continue and he wants a roster that can get him there.” “He wants that now, he does not want to wait, he does not want to go to a rebuild, doesn’t want to continue to play with younger guys to help them grow and get to that point he wants to win,” added Haynes.

Lillard’s ultimatum to Portland has some people thinking that he might become available this off-season. J. Fischer of Yahoo Sports reports that the Portland Trail Blazers have not yet made any indications that they desire to trade Damian. “Lillard, by all accounts, prefers to remain with Portland, and the Trail Blazers have not shown any willingness to discuss the seven-time All-Star with inquiring teams.”

The future of Lillard in Portland is still pretty much uncertain. The selection Portland makes at number three in the draught, which takes place in less than a week, will determine the course of the team. The Nets have a range of intriguing resources at their disposal and will be one of several teams monitoring the situation until then.

How long has Damian Lillard played for the Blazers?

Damian Lillard has exhibited incredible loyalty to the Portland Trail Blazers. Despite the public and the media urging him to quit the team to flourish. Lillard, on the flip side, is very much a special kind of celebrity who is not at all afraid to put in the work. He continues to be committed to the environs that welcomed him. From 2012–13 through 2022–23, Damian Lillard played for the Trail Blazers.

Damian Lillard

Due to a calf injury, Lillard finished off his ninth season in the NBA by just playing 58 games. There have been whispers about what the Blazers will do with their lottery choice this year. Some have predicted that they’ll trade Lillard and choose a promising young player to rebuild from scratch.

In order to boost Notre Dame’s title run, there have also been suggestions that Portland would swap the pick and a few famous players for an All-Star. Nonetheless, despite all the speculation about the hereafter of seven-time All-Star, Damian Lillard has stayed cool-headed and committed to sticking with the team.


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