Nate Diaz reveals how many rounds Jake Paul will last with cryptic tweet following Paul vs Diaz announced to be 10 rounds affair

Nate Diaz posted a tweet in which he makes his fans confused. Apparently, the former UFC fighter who is waiting to make his professional boxing debut indicated that his fight against Paul will be 6 rounds. 

Former UFC lightweight and welterweight fighter Nate Diaz became well-known for his aggressive fighting style, and charming demeanor but had last fought in September 2022.

The American mixed martial artist, who had ups and downs throughout his UFC career, later decided to use his Brazilian jiu-jitsu and mixed martial arts skills in the boxing ring as well. 

Paul vs Diaz changes to 10 rounds bout

On 5 August at the Dallas American Airlines Centre, “The Problem Child” and the MMA veteran will square off. Regarding the number of rounds in Jake’s bout against Diaz, there has been some uncertainty.

Apparently, the former UFC fighter and his team asked Jake’s team to make the battle ten rounds. The battle had originally been planned to go eight rounds. Lately, ten rounds were approved by the Texas Department of Licencing and Regulation yesterday.

The battle will still take place in the 185-pound weight division, though. Jake confirmed the update through a tweet. The debutant boxer has requested 10 rounds because, according to The Problem Child, that will be an advantage for Diaz.

209’s reaction to the announcement left fans scratching heads

Many MMA fans including his own fans asked the question whether Diaz has changed his mind and now asking for 6. Joseph Herrera has stated, “nate is the king of fishing, so many people in here confused.”

“This is the part where the 40 year old legend starts to worry about getting knocked out cold for the first time by Jake Paul. Jake Paul literally had a ‘superfight’ division made on PFL. Why don’t one of these MMA guys stipulate MMA first? Why didn’t PFL stipulate that?” a user commented. 

Another user commented from a different point of view. Khan stated, “He meant to say the 6th round in when he will finish jake.” 

As the fight will be involving Jake, who’s already boxing for a few years now against Diaz, a debutant hence a user said, “The more rounds the more likely you are to win. He ain’t got your cardio.” 

“Man I’d like to see you tko Jake in the 6th. It would probably be my favorite fight of all time! … except for Tyson vs Holyfield where Holyfield got his ear bit off… cuz I saw that ppv and it was CRAZY AF!!!” Dwight Mcceary commented. 

Wiseman however, can not take it as an indication that Diaz is going to beat Jake in the 6th round as he said,” Nah guys he’s saying that it would take 6 rounds to whoop Jake, witch won’t happen nate. ”

“How is the guy known for toughness and endurance asking for less rounds.” Kenny Okoye said. 

Another user made an interesting comment saying, “Can’t believe we are going to watch this man fight without witnessing those Stockton slaps and middle fingers coz of those boxing gloves.”

Who do you think be benefited if the fight happens in 10 rounds – Jake Paul or Nate Diaz? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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