“Scared of the problem child”: Fans throw a jab at Nate Diaz following backtracking on his own 10 rounds request ahead of Jake Paul bout

The planned rule modification that would have allowed Nate Diaz to battle Jake Paul over 10 rounds has been abandoned. The boxing debut of the 38-year-old UFC Icon Diaz is scheduled to take place on the 5th of August at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas, against the 26-year-old Jake “The Problem Child” Paul.

That will be Diaz’s first official fight since his 15-year run with the UFC ended last September when he tapped out Tony Ferguson in the penultimate contest of his contract.

Nate Diaz wimps out of his own ‘10 rounds’ proposal following Jake Paul’s acceptance

The original booking for Paul vs. Diaz was for eight rounds, but Diaz apparently seriously sought a regulation adjustment that would have booked him and Paul for 10 rounds. Paul tweeted that he would accept the deal made by his rival. “I guess he has good cardio. Ok Nathan, 10 rounds it is,” but Diaz has backtracked on the rule change in his latest tweet that read: “I’m good with 8”.

Paul would have been scheduled to fight 10 rounds for the first time in his ring career had the regulation modification not been reversed. Given his forecast for the fight—that Paul would be in trouble if he couldn’t knock him out in the first few rounds— Diaz’s rejection of the rule modification seems unexpected.

“If I’m going to get knocked out, it’s going to be right off the gate or the next three f****ng  rounds,” Diaz predicted.

“But if not, then it’s like you’re in big trouble and I’m already willing to get knocked out. Are you willing to get tired and get your f****ng ass whipped and knocked the f*** out? You’re over here acting like ‘Oh, 15 rounds’ I’m like, you’re f****ng trying to blend it in so everybody forgets about it so it’s a joke and it goes away. Right now, let’s do 12 rounds. It doesn’t matter to me.”


When is Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz

A highly sought-after professional boxing match between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz is forthcoming and is titled “Ready 4 War.” The fight is currently slated to happen on the 5th of August 2023 at the Dallas, Texas American Airlines Center. Although Paul has shown Diaz a decent amount of respect throughout the lead-up to their bout, the two did have a harsh exchange at their press conference last month.

Paul also made fun of Diaz, who briefly left the stage to use the loo, by bringing out a plastic monkey that claps and comparing it to what goes through Diaz’s mind. Paul recently moved into a brand-new $16 million home in Puerto Rico, and he intends to use his music studio to publish a “diss tune” directed at Diaz as their bout nears.

Nate Diaz

“The music studio being here means it’s time to make a song again. Maybe two songs. I want to make a Nate Diaz diss track and maybe just another song, kind of like fresh out of London vibes,” he said.

The last-minute back-tracking by Diaz could imply a potential lack of confidence or a shift in tactic, which has drawn some criticism. Yet, there is still a lot of excitement building up for the forthcoming fight as a result of the intense exchanges between the two competitors.

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