Jake Paul labels UFC president Dana White as Conor McGregor’s ‘Dad’ at Logan Paul’s podcast, makes bold prediction on Nate Diaz fight

In a recent episode of Logan Paul’s podcast, Jake Paul didn’t hold back as he unleashed a verbal assault on UFC star Conor McGregor. After McGregor called him a “donkey” and refused to even say his name, the YouTuber-turned-boxer, who has been fervently wanting a battle with McGregor, reacted angrily.

Paul didn’t only criticize McGregor; he also called Dana White, the head of the UFC, “Dad.” Paul also made a daring prediction regarding his future matchup with Nate Diaz, opening the door for a potential confrontation with McGregor. 

Jake Paul

Will Jake Paul and Conor McGregor ever box each other?

Jake Paul has been relentless in his quest to secure a fight against Conor McGregor ever since he transitioned from internet fame to the boxing ring. With a scheduled bout against Nate Diaz on August 5, Paul is hoping a victory against the UFC veteran will entice McGregor into a clash. McGregor recently voiced his support for Diaz, predicting that Paul will struggle in the fight.

Paul wasted no time in responding, delivering a scathing rant during his appearance on his brother’s podcast, Impaulsive. Paul addressed McGregor’s remarks on the Podcast, criticizing the UFC fighter’s boxing prowess. “I find Conor McGregor hilarious,” Paul said with a smirk. “When he talks trash about me, calling me a ‘windy donkey,’ I just laugh it off. But guess what, Conor? I’ll beat the living hell out of you. I’m a better boxer than you, and I’ll prove it by knocking out Nate Diaz, something you couldn’t do.” Paul didn’t just stop at criticizing McGregor’s fighting abilities.

He also took aim at McGregor’s business ventures, specifically his beer company. “You’ll be sitting there with your failing beer company, drowning your sorrows, realizing that you wasted your life at the bottom of a bottle,” Paul taunted. “You thought you were untouchable, the biggest name in the sport. But you can’t have it all.” In a totally unexpected turn of events, Jake Paul also referred to Conor McGregor’s father, UFC CEO Dana White, as “Dad”.

Paul stated emphatically that he is in charge and does not want White’s permission to arrange the fight. “I make my own decisions; I’m not controlled by Dana White. I don’t have a dad,” Paul confidently proclaimed. While Paul acknowledged his respect for McGregor, he also expressed his intention to defeat him in the ring. “I don’t find being an alcoholic inspiring. I respect him, but I’m going to beat him. This is the entertainment business, and we’re here to entertain.”

Details on Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul bout

On Saturday, August 5, 2023, Jake Paul vs. Nate Diaz will be broadcast exclusively live for DAZN members; these subscribers will also require a PPV pass in addition to their subscription. Jake Paul’s recent rant aimed at Conor McGregor and UFC president Dana White has injected further excitement into the world of combat sports.

With his upcoming fight against Nate Diaz on the horizon, Paul is looking to solidify his position as a formidable boxer. It’s quite unclear how McGregor would respond, but hopefully, if everything falls into place, we very well might soon see a historic bout between these two stalwart athletes.

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