Five illegal Premier League broadcaster’s jailed for 30 years, accused group earned £7m in five years by pirate streaming

A group of illegal Premier League broadcasters received severe punishment for their wrongdoings who used to charge a certain amount of money to people who wanted to enjoy live streaming of sporting events in the UK.

Let’s find out more about the story involving pirate streaming and Premier League’s income from broadcasting.

What is pirate streaming?

When content get streamed without the permission of the ultimate authority, it is called pirate streaming. The aforementioned group used to charge £ 10 per month to people for the right to enjoy their streaming services.

They are the largest illegal streaming services provider in the UK that is consisted of men aged between 30 and 46. From 2016 to 2021, they earned £7m from their unauthorized business practice.

However, the curb this kind of act from spreading here and there, the group received a noteworthy punishment of 30 years in prison so that those with the same business policy leave that before facing the same consequences.

How much revenue does Premier League earn by broadcasting matches?

Over the years, football itself has enjoyed a burgeoning fan base from all over the world including people of all ages. It has become more than just a sport as it nurtured bonds and unity among its audience. In the football craze Premier League occupies a large space as it is one of the leading league systems consisting of 20 teams.

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In terms of income and earnings, the league is in a very high position compared to its competitors. As per reports, it earns nearly €1Billion every year only from its broadcasting deals.

Some of the biggest media partners of the league include Sky Sports, BT Sport, and Amazon. These broadcasting platforms put million in PL’s purse to live stream its sporting events.

It is indeed a proud moment of taking such necessary steps in order to stop illegal broadcasting because it deprived the authority of their legal earnings. On the other hand, the audiences also need to stop finding illegal ways to satiate their cravings for sports.

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