Ex-Eagles star claims Jalen Hurts has same ‘winning’ attitude as Tom Brady ahead of Super Bowl LVII

A former Philadelphia Eagles star, Ndamukong Suh made a bold statement, claiming that Hurts has the same “winning” attitude as Brady. The comparisons are intriguing and raise the question: Can Hurts live up to the legacy of one of the greatest quarterbacks in history?

Jalen Hurts has made a significant improvement and developed into an outstanding quarterback. He had significant reservations going into this season, but he has dispelled them all.

Hurts has commanded the Philadelphia Eagles, who have the best record in the NFL. LeSean McCoy, a former running back for the Eagles and Buccaneers, thinks Hurts has established himself as the franchise quarterback for the Eagles.

He also asserted that Hurts has displayed composure akin to Tom Brady and that he is headed in the right direction.

Here’s what he said about Jalen Hurts:

“I won’t lie, I was critical of Jalen Hurts, I really was, but then when you really want now that’s from you watching him answer all the questions. He’s throwing the ball. Well, he’s running the ball. He’s running the offense like a true leader like a true General.”

Hurts and Ndamukong Suh are now teammates as the defensive tackle signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in November. Suh and the rest of the Eagles players are displaying controlled confidence in themselves amid the relative craziness of Super Bowl media week, suggesting that Hurts’ poise may be contagious.

Suh believed that Hurts is prepared to make the leap and propel himself into sporting glory on his first Super Bowl appearance, despite his quarterback’s relative inexperience compared to Brady.

“He’s delivering. He got his team playing at a high level, and not only on the offense but on the defense like I heard my rattles behind him. So yes, I think the same thing that I’ve seen in guys like Tom Brady. There are different levels,” Suh said.

Philadelphia Eagles were utterly decimated by Tom Brady in last year’s playoffs, but this time around, things might be drastically different. Not many people are expected to support Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers if the Eagles get to face them in the playoffs this season.

This makes it clear how far the Eagles have come since Jalen Hurts became their quarterback.


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