“The best Philly cheesesteaks are not in Philly” Chiefs WR JuJu Smith-Schuster brutally mocks Philly Cheesesteaks ahead of Super Bowl vs Eagles

As the Kansas City Chiefs prepare to take on the Philadelphia Eagles in this year’s Super Bowl, one player is making waves with a bold claim about the city’s signature dish: the Philly cheesesteak.

Wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster, speaking to reporters earlier this week, declared that:
“Honestly, the best Philly cheesesteaks are not in Philly, to be honest. Definitely not Philly.”

The City of Brotherly Love, where the cheesesteak is revered as a source of pride and a representation of the city’s culinary legacy, has taken offense to this assertion, made by a native of Los Angeles. JuJu Smith-Schuster’s claim, however, is not without precedent.

Some people have even expressed their outrage on social media, labeling the statement as “ignorant” and “disrespectful.”

One person wrote, “JuJu must enjoy eating cardboard cheesesteaks.”

“I like JuJu, but after this, I might not,” another person commented.

The cheesesteak originated in Philadelphia and has come to be associated with the area. Therefore, this sudden remark by JuJu was a shock for the fans.

He didn’t say where he thought the best Philly cheesesteaks might be found, and, probably, he was just trying to talk trash before the biggest game of his career, which also happens to be a game with personal stakes.

JuJu is a well-known troll and trash-talker. The pass catcher made headlines when he was a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, he frequently performed TikTok dances on the emblem of the opposing team before or after away games to enrage the home crowd.

After spending his whole career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Smith-Schuster made a wise career choice when he agreed to a one-year, $10 million contract with the Kansas City Chiefs this past offseason. If the Chief’s triumph in Super Bowl LVII and he participates in at least 50 snaps, he will earn an additional $1 million.

Tensions are already high as the Super Bowl draws near, and Smith-outrageous Schuster’s claim will only stoke the flames.

JuJu Smith-Schuster is apparently not one of those folks who believe the best cheesesteaks are found in Philadelphia. While it’s not game related, the comments have already caused some consternation among Philadelphia fans.




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