Ex-F1, Le Mans racer slams Fernando Alonso’s age as barrier to pole position at Monaco Grand Prix

Fernando Alonso’s Age has always been the topic of discussion ever since he resurrected back from retirement to race for Alpine, however, he could not make a dent with the Alpines but everything turned around when he was offered a seat in the Aston Martin racing team.

He has secured 5 podium finishes out of the 8 races so far and that is extremely commendable as Aston Martin was not even a contender for podium places last year. 

David Kennedy highlights Alonso’s decline at Monaco

David Kennedy said, “The last few milliseconds just slip away with age. It was just that last several hundredths of a second.”

“It is just nature’s way and you can’t beat it,” he added.

“There are drivers and whether they take it on one, two, or even three years – it just slips away. We’ve seen it time and time again over the years. It’s a hard fact but that’s nature’s course,” he further added.

Hinting at Alonso’s age, David seemed to believe that after a certain age, one is just not able to get that final push on the track and it has been observed with many drivers in the past as well. However, there have been exceptions with racers like Kimi or Vettel, the majority of the racers faced great difficulty while racing against youngsters. 

Who has the longest F1 career?

Over the course of Formula One’s more than 70 years of history, many drivers have come and gone. Experience is one of the most important components in a driver’s success; years of training and competitive racing are necessary.

Only a select few drivers were able to hold onto their positions at the top for an exceptionally long period of time, and each and every one of them was given the label of legend. The driver with the longest F1 career is no one other than our favorite Spaniard, Fernando Alonso with a long-standing career of 22 years.

Fernando Alonso
A brief look into the stats of various teams Fernando Alonso has raced for.

Having debuted with Minardi, El Nano has not had to look back ever since. The legend has gone on to secure two world championship titles and 103 podium finishes.

He might be the oldest driver on the grid but that also makes him the most experienced. There might come a time when his body and mind struggle to keep up with the grueling pace, but currently, Fernando still looks to be at the top of his game.


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