Ex-Jets GM doubts Aaron Rodgers can lead New York to Super Bowl contention: “He struggles when pressured”

Mike Tannenbaum, the former Jets GM literally dropped a doubt-bomb over Aaron Rodgers’s leadership and the Jets’ marching forward toward the Super Bowl. The sports pundit who paired up with the team for nearly 15 years seems well acquainted with the strong and weak corners of the squad.

According to him the presence of the former Packers star in the team doesn’t make them a Super Bowl contender overnight. Additionally he states that if Rodgers can pass on his legacy to the offensive line then they might see a ray of hope.

Tannenbaum Questions Jets’ Hopes with Aaron Rodgers

Tannenbaum was very strict in his opinion regarding the future Hall of Famer’s role in leading his new team toward a Lombardi trophy. Taking a dig at the current active members of the squad, he opened up about their drawbacks in some vital areas.

As per the GM, “Older quarterbacks do not leave the league because of their arms, they leave because of their legs. When you look at that great Buccaneers offense, it was led by Donovan Smith, Ryan Jensen, and Tristen Wirfs to let Tom Brady go to work.”

“When you think of Aaron Rodgers, he struggles when pressured. Look at left tackle. Mekhi Becton has played in one game in two years. Duane Brown is 38. If there is a vulnerability on this Jet offense, it’s upfront,” he added.

The analysts further add that in the past few seasons, the Jets offensive line’s performance was visibly below-average and this vital force of the team needs to be on their level best otherwise a championship appearance will remain in its budding stage.

The New York Jets and their Super Bowl dream still have a big dwindling question mark despite Aaron Rodgers’s debut. Moreover, as per Tannenbaum, to taste the delights of victory, the offensive line needs to create a strong force of barriers around their QB and depend on his supervision.

How long has Aaron Rodgers played in the NFL?

Aaron Rodgers latest NFL star to join Jets late in career | PBS NewsHour

The four times MVP stepped into the NFL arena in 2005 and since then 17 years have passed. He was selected by the Green Bay Packers in the 2005 NFL draft as the round one twenty-fourth overall pick.

As of now, he has won one Super Bowl Championship, one Super Bowl MVP, four NFL MVPs, and ten Pro Bowls to name a few. Earlier this season, the former Butte CC player joined the Jets as a starting quarterback and is expected to lead the team to unprecedented heights.

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