Ex-NBA star Jay Williams takes brutal jab at Stephen A. Smith for including Steph Curry over LeBron James in the Mt Rushmore conversation

Stephen A. Smith’s recent proclamation that Stephen Curry could replace LeBron James on his all-time NBA Mt. Rushmore has sparked controversy and debate. While some may find Smith’s statement absurd and premature, ESPN is sure to capitalize on the controversial idea, as evident on today’s episode of First Take where Jay Williams was brought on to weigh in on the matter.

During the discussion, Williams made a witty reference to Stephen A.’s infamous “STAY OFF THE WEED” rant, which he delivered with confidence and humor. While the exchange was entertaining, it’s worth noting that focusing on hypothetical basketball monuments ultimately detracts from the more important discussions surrounding the NBA.

As the Lakers and Warriors prepare for Game 2 of their playoff series, it’s probably going to be exciting to see what new developments will arise in the coming days. While it’s uncertain whether there will be any newsworthy events to discuss, we can still hope for a thrilling and engaging game that showcases the talents of both teams.

However, it’s important to remember that Stephen A.’s controversial statements are just one person’s opinion. As fans and analysts, it’s up to us to engage in meaningful discussions that go beyond surface-level comparisons and focus on the intricate details of the game and the players who make it great.

The NBA has a rich history of talented players, each with their unique strengths and contributions to the sport. Rather than reducing the legacies of these players to a simplistic Mt. Rushmore comparison, we should celebrate the diversity of their talents and appreciate the nuanced ways in which they have impacted the game.

In conclusion, while Stephen A.’s controversial statements may generate buzz and entertainment, it’s important to maintain a more nuanced perspective when analyzing the NBA. By focusing on the intricacies of the game and the players who make it great, we can engage in more meaningful discussions and celebrate the diversity of talent that has made the NBA one of the most exciting sports leagues in the world.

“The Legacy of Legends: LeBron James and Steph Curry in the NBA’s Mt. Rushmore Debate”

Stephen A. Smith ‘s recent statement questioning LeBron James’ spot on the NBA’s Mt. Rushmore in the event of a fifth championship win for Steph Curry sparked a debate about the impact of this year’s conference semis on their legacies. Smith initially declared that Curry’s hypothetical fifth championship would necessitate a discussion about who needs to be removed from the NBA’s Mt. Rushmore, even if that includes LeBron James.

However, after witnessing James’ impressive first-half performance in the second game of the conference semis, Smith quickly retracted his statement.

LeBron James and Steph Curry currently hold four championship rings apiece, with James achieving his wins with different teams, and Curry winning all of his titles with the Warriors. Notably, three of Curry’s championships came against James’ Cleveland Cavaliers, while James led the Cavaliers to a historic comeback win over the 73-9 Warriors in 2016.

As James and Curry stand in each other’s path to another championship, this year’s conference semis could mark their final meeting in the postseason. However, it is important to recognize that the legacy of these two modern-day legends extends far beyond the outcome of a single playoff series. Both players have had an immeasurable impact on the sport of basketball, contributing to its rich history and inspiring future generations of athletes.

While debates about the greatest players of all time can be entertaining, it is crucial to remember that these discussions should not be reduced to simplistic comparisons or limited to a single playoff series. Instead, we should celebrate the diverse talents and contributions of all the players who have made the NBA the exciting and dynamic league that it is today.


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