Blazers Damian Lillard slams Giannis Antetokounmpo, Bucks firing HC Mike Budenholzer after NBA Playoff upset

Damian Lillard, the star guard for the Portland Trail Blazers, has criticized the Milwaukee Bucks’ decision to fire their championship-winning head coach, Mike Budenholzer, following the team’s disappointing first-round playoff exit. Lillard, who has remained loyal to the Blazers despite their lack of success, took to Twitter to express his disapproval of the move, which went viral, garnering over 2.9 million views, 44.7 thousand likes, and thousands of retweets.

Budenholzer had a successful tenure with the Bucks, leading them to a 271-120 regular-season record and a 39-26 playoff record in five seasons. He also won the Coach of the Year award twice, in 2015 with the Atlanta Hawks and in 2019 with the Bucks. Most notably, he guided the Bucks to their first championship in 50 years in 2021.

However, the Bucks’ aspirations for a repeat championship run fell short this season, as they were upset by the eighth-seeded Miami Heat in just five games in the first round. Led by Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo, the Heat outplayed and outworked the Bucks in every facet of the game, exposing their weaknesses.

The Bucks’ offense relied too heavily on Giannis Antetokounmpo, who struggled against the Heat’s defense and shot poorly from the free-throw line and beyond the arc.

Lillard’s criticism of the Bucks’ decision to fire Budenholzer likely stems from his own experience as a loyal player for the Blazers, who have similarly struggled to achieve playoff success in recent years. He believes that firing a coach who has already won a championship for the team after one season of disappointment is unjustifiable and short-sighted.

The NBA is a results-driven business, and teams are always looking to win championships. However, firing a championship-winning coach after only one disappointing season sends a message to players and fans alike that the team’s management is not patient or willing to give its leaders the time and resources needed to build a successful team. Moreover, it undermines the accomplishments of the coach and the team’s past successes.

Ultimately, the decision to fire Budenholzer rests with the Bucks’ management, and it remains to be seen who they will choose as his replacement. Nonetheless, Lillard’s criticism serves as a reminder that loyalty and patience can be just as important as championship success in building a successful and enduring NBA franchise.

Why Acquiring Damian Lillard May Not Be the Best Move for the Brooklyn Nets

As the Brooklyn Nets continue to evaluate their options in the offseason, acquiring a superstar guard like Damian Lillard is certainly an enticing prospect. In a recent mock trade proposed by Bleacher Report, the Nets would receive Lillard and big man Jusuf Nurkic from the Portland Trail Blazers in exchange for Spencer Dinwiddie, Ben Simmons, Cam Thomas, Day’Ron Sharpe, and three first-round picks.

While adding Lillard to the Nets’ roster would undoubtedly bolster their offense and potentially make them contenders overnight, the inclusion of Nurkic in the trade creates some complications. With the promising young center Nic Claxton already on the roster, it’s unclear how Nurkic would fit into the rotation, especially given his sizable contract.

Ultimately, it’s difficult to justify giving up so many valuable assets for a player who may not fit seamlessly into the team’s system. While Lillard would certainly bring a new level of talent to the Nets, it’s important to consider the long-term implications of any trade.

That being said, the prospect of Lillard teaming up with Mikal Bridges to form a potent offensive duo is certainly tantalizing. With Bridges playing a complementary role to Lillard’s scoring prowess, the Nets could have the offensive firepower to compete with the best teams in the Eastern Conference. Additionally, the team’s length and depth on defense would be formidable.

In the end, while the allure of acquiring a superstar like Lillard is strong, the Nets would be wise to carefully consider their options and evaluate all potential trade scenarios before making any major moves. With a solid core already in place, it may be wiser to focus on building around the team’s existing talent rather than making a big splash with a high-risk trade.


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