Ex-NFL LB drops bombshell prediction on Broncos’ approach with QB Russell Wilson: “Sean Payton will let you know how he feels about you”

The Denver Broncos head coach Sean Payton has always been known for wearing his emotions on his sleeve and hence, one of the teammates of veteran quarterback Russell Wilson is skeptical about how he will react to the harsh side of the coach.

Wilson went through the worst season of his career in his first season in Denver with a career-worst passer rating of 84.4, a career-low 16 touchdown passes, and a career-high 55 sacks, leading the franchise to a 5-12 season. The Broncos team rebuilt the franchise structure by firing the head coach Nathaniel Hackett, leaving the job for Payton.

Unlike other previous coaches, Sean won’t hesitate to call players out and Russell’s former teammate K.J. Wright is drawing a future equation between the player-coach duo.

Why does K.J. Wright think Russell Wilson can’t handle Sean Payton’s coaching style?

During an appearance on NFL Network’s “Good Morning Football,” the Super Bowl champion Wright reminded everyone that the Broncos’ new HC isn’t someone to go soft with players even after a terrific performance.

Russell Wilson

“I heard how he runs his meetings. After a loss, if you played bad, Sean Payton will let you know loud and clear how he feels about you.”

He said Hackett’s personality was completely different from Sean’s as the latter one will call out every player in front of everyone and he was thinking if Russ can handle this side of the veteran coach.

“And that’s the question. Can Russ handle the critiqueness, the harshness, the, ‘Hey, you got to get better, and I’m calling you out in front of this entire football team.’ I’m sure Nathaniel Hackett wasn’t a Sean Payton-type personality.”

Wright says Russell will not be shielded from sharp criticism in Denver

As the starter in Seattle, Wilson witnessed a downturn in his performance as he dealt with a finger injury before the 2022 season, however, the relationship dynamic the Seahawks HC Pete Carroll had with the young star was commendable, hence he was not subjected to certain criticisms.

The former linebacker of the Seattle Seahawks says the QB will not enjoy the opportunity under Payton and it will be a sight to see for everyone.

Russell Wilson

“This is going to be a sight to see, because when he was in Seattle for those 10 years, Coach Carroll did a good job of, I’m not going to say protecting Russ, but he really just shielded him in a way, like, ‘Hey, the defense is going to be the lead dog, you’re going to hand the ball off to [former Seahawks running back] Marshawn Lynch. When you do mess up, I’m going to address it, but for the most part, defense, it’s all on you guys.'”

How Wilson responds after the worst season of his career is yet to be seen. However, one thing is certain: the Broncos quarterback should brace himself for a direct and unfiltered assessment from none other than the 59-year-old coach Sean Payton.


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