Ex-NFL player Shannon Sharpe attacked by robbers, loses $1m worth of merch in L.A. home

In a shocking incident, retired NFL player Shannon Sharpe fell victim to a brazen home invasion in Los Angeles. The ex-NFL star’s residence was burglarized last week, leaving Sharpe and law enforcement authorities stunned.

Reports indicate that the audacious thieves managed to abscond with an estimated $1 million worth of merchandise from the renowned athlete’s luxurious abode.

When was Shannon Sharpe robbed?

The incident occurred between 7 p.m. and 9:30 p.m. local time on May 19, while the 54-year-old athlete was away from his residence for a few hours. Sharpe shared that after he came home after dinner with his family, he found unusual activity in his house. He immediately contacted the authorities.

Shannon Sharpe

Sharpe told police burglary and several items that were missing. Many expensive watches, jewelry, and designer bags were missing. Police found no signs of forced entry which means the case is still unresolved. The police have refused to share any details about the case but Sharpe is determined to find the culprit. He has shared that he will reward $50,000 to anyone who gives him a lead about the culprits. The investigation is continued and we hope such culprits can get punished so people can live in peace.

Shannon Sharpe’s NFL career 

Shannon is one of the best tight ends in the NFL. He won three Super Bowl championships with the Denver Broncos and the Baltimore Ravens. His exceptional skills on the field and incredible athleticism led him to become of the great players in the league. 

Shannon Sharpe

After he retired from the NFL, he has become a sports analyst. He co-hosts the show Undisputed on Fox Sports 1. He shares game analysis and engages in sports debates. 

The shocking home invasion targeting former NFL star Shannon Sharpe has left the sports world in disbelief. With a staggering loss of $1 million worth of merchandise, this incident serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability that even prominent figures can face.

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