“That Stings for us”: After Orlando Brown Jr. joined Bengals, Chiefs ace Patrick Mahomes didn’t hold back his emotions

The NFL offseason is always filled with surprising moves and unexpected signings, and this year was no exception. One move that left many fans and analysts stunned was the signing of Orlando Brown Jr. by the Cincinnati Bengals. The shockwaves of this deal even reached the Kansas City Chiefs, where star quarterback Patrick Mahomes didn’t shy away from expressing his feelings about the situation.

In a recent interview, Mahomes acknowledged that Brown’s departure from the Chiefs hurt the team on the field while simultaneously strengthening one of their biggest rivals. 

However, he also expressed happiness for his former teammate, stating that he was glad that he found a team that was willing to provide him with the contract he deserved.

“Yeah, it’s tough,” Mahomes said. “I still talk to Orlando. We had a friendship off the field just as much as on the field. You understand how great of a player he is. He makes Cincinnati an even better football team so that stinks for us but at the same time I’m happy for him that he got to a good place where he was able to get a good contract that he deserved and everything like that.”

Why did Orlando Brown sign for the Bengals?

The decision for him to sign with the Bengals over other potential suitors such as the Steelers or the Jets came down to financial considerations. The Bengals offered a four-year, $64.09 million deal with a front-loaded contract structure. 

This included a signing bonus exceeding $31 million, the largest ever given to an offensive lineman. The guarantee of long-term financial security ultimately played a significant role in Brown’s choice to join the Bengals.

Relationship between Orlando Brown and Patrick Mahomes 

Mahomes and Brown shared a close friendship both on and off the field. Their bond extended beyond the game of football, making the loss of his teammate particularly difficult for Mahomes. He recognized the immense talent of his teammate and acknowledged that his presence would make the Cincinnati Bengals an even better football team.

Patrick Mahomes

Despite Brown’s departure, Mahomes emphasized that their friendship would endure. But he also acknowledged that they will be competitors in the field. They will maintain friendly rivalries and will also have post-game banter about who played better. 

The signing of Orlando Brown Jr. by the Cincinnati Bengals has undoubtedly made waves in the NFL community. It has not only impacted the Kansas City Chiefs but also raised the expectations for the Bengals. 

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