Chiefs fans express outrage over controversial question addressed to Patrick Mahomes on his brother Jackson’s arrest for alleged sexual violation

Young quarterback Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs has been subject to a lot of controversy lately regarding the sexual assault case involving his younger brother Jackson Mahomes. Patrick understandably, is trying to not get caught up in all the velitation and rather just wants the legal system to run its course.

Jackson Mahomes mercilessly trolled as Chiefs QB's brother appears in court for sexual battery case -"Still no TikTok dance?" -

Jackson, 23, was detained earlier this month and charged with four offenses before being released later that day. He was accused of grabbing a woman by the throat and forcibly kissing her at the Aspens Restaurant and Lounge in Overland Park.

Patrick Mahomes gets confronted with Controversial Question!

The quarterback of the Kansas City was approached about his brother Jackson Mahomes’ alleged case as the team arrived for OTAs. Naturally, this causes shame and disrespect for his family; in the end, the 27-year-old refused to respond to any inquiries about family-related matters at hand.

In addition, he pleaded with the media to be considerate of his predicament given that the two-time Chiefs MVP also had to manage his participation in the team’s curriculum alongside numerous other family issues.

“Honestly, it’s kind of a personal thing that I just kind of gotta keep to myself,” Mahomes said. “At the end of the day, I come here to play football and try to take care of my family at the same time. So just kind of keep it to myself and just go out there and play football when I’m in the building.”

Fans Outraged at the Controversial Patrick Mahomes Question!

Fortunately for Patrick, his fans showed up in support as soon as the uncomfortable confrontation regarding his brother went public. Many fans began questioning what kind of a person tries to address such a personal and controversial matter in such a distasteful manner.

While reporters are responsible for trying to seek out the truth, there are certain rules, regulations, and practices they are expected to abide by. Failure to do so usually jeopardizes both their credibility and professionalism.

One of Patrick’s fans reacted to the situation saying, “Whoever asked is a clown”

Another fan pointed out Patrick’s lack of involvement in this situation, “Stop getting Patrick involved in this man. Let him do his job.”


By politely responding to such inane and personal questions, Patrick again managed to impress the NFL community. Not every player can maintain his composure in such trying circumstances, but Mahomes’s composed manner probably makes him the force to be reckoned with he is today!

Regardless of profession, everyone maintains some sort of family life, the reporters should exercise more caution when bringing up such embarrassing issues against individuals especially when they are not even accused of or involved in the crime.


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