Ex-NFL star Marcellus Wiley makes controversial comment against transgender athletes

Transgender athletes, especially those competing in women’s leagues, have been a sore spot for Marcellus Wiley.

Former NFL player Marcellus Wiley claims he won’t let his children play sports in the same league as transgender people. Wiley claimed in the video seen below that he had no problem with transgender persons in general, but that he did not approve of his daughter competing with any transgender girl or women.

“I have no issue with transgenders. I do have an issue with athletes who are transgendered trying to participate going from a transition of a man to a woman and now playing with the women,” Wiley stated. “And, I will say that. You all can try to Dave Chappelle me all you want. I am very clear on this. You can be a transgender. You can be the homie, but I’ll be damned if a male at birth turns into a female and tries to compete against my daughters. She ain’t out there. We out.

Marcellus also added, “Don’t make this a human rights issue this is a biological issue. Simple as that. Trust me, I am a man.”

The former NFL standout for the Buffalo Bills and San Diego Chargers thinks that this is unacceptable.

Wiley explained, “I hate saying fair. It’s not even right. Forget fair, it’s not right.”

Marcellus’s words followed those of surfing superstar Bethany Hamilton, who claimed she would not participate in the World Surf League against transgender women. She continued by suggesting that trans people have their own league.



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  1. I couldn’t agree with statement more. Biological men who transition to a female should not be competing against women! They still have the biological makeup of a male, this is not a balanced competition. I don’t care what people do to their bodies or whom they chose to love or have sex with, none of my business or anyone else’s. Speaking athletically, this is NOT a balanced competition! Just say NO!


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