Ex-Packers QB Aaron Rodgers remains eager despite calf injury at Jets OTAs: “Every day I wake up excited about coming to the facility”

After spending the entirety of his incredible career donned in the Green Bay Packers, the legendary quarterback Aaron Rodgers continues to showcase his overwhelming enthusiasm and dedication to his new home, the New York Jets, despite a minor setback during the team’s Organized Team Activities (OTAs).

The Jets’ offseason was almost revolving around the ex-Packers QB due to a prolonged trade saga and they acquired the long-cherished legend from Green Bay in April in exchange for multiple picks in the 2023 NFL Draft and a conditional 2024 second-round pick.

What did Aaron Rodgers say following the Jets’ OTA session?

The four-time MVP addressed the reporters for the first time since his introductory news conference in the last month and emphasized his eagerness to contribute to his new team and his excitement about every day spent at the team’s facility.

“Every day I wake up excited about coming to the facility. Now the commute being two minutes really helps. Just rolling out of bed and heading to the facility is nice.”

Aaron expressed his excitement in support of his decision to join the Blue City.

” I have an excitement about coming down Jets Drive. It was surreal, for sure, and strange to look at my locker and see No. 8. Rocking Jets gear is a little bit strange, for sure, but every day there’s been a little special sign or synchronicity or cool moment that reminds me I’m in the right place.”

The 10-time Pro Bowler was high on hopes of joining the young squad and cited his optimism to play a key role in the offense.

“It’s been a lot of fun to be a part of. Obviously, there’s high expectations, which is great — that’s the way you want them. But yeah, I’m definitely rejuvenated. It’s fun being in a quarterback room with young guys and guys that I really love and respect and genuinely want to improve and are eager to learn and listen (about) an offense that I know really, really well.”

What injury did Rodgers pick up during Jets practice?

The ex-Packers player couldn’t appear in Tuesday’s OTA drills after tweaking his calf while he was hopping with a small medicine ball, albeit the 39-year-old quarterback ensured the injury wasn’t ‘too serious.’

“I just tweaked my calf in a little pre-practice conditioning, so I decided to take a vet day.”

Aaron Rodgers

The specifics of Rodgers‘ calf injury were not disclosed, however, the setback has not dampened the 18-year-NFL veteran’s spirits known to play through issues. Despite being limited in his physical participation during OTAs, he had been actively engaged with his teammates on the field to watch quarterback drills as well as stretched his lower legs and ankles for some time during the practice session.

The veteran QB’s unwavering enthusiasm serves as a testament to his dedication and reinforces New York’s confidence in their new member. The Jets fans will eagerly wait for the day when their favorite quarterback will take the field and elevate the team to new heights donning in green jersey.



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