After Dana White and his outburst on PFL business structure, Donn Davis claps back at the UFC president citing a comparison to the Blockbuster and Netflix deal

In a whirlwind of verbal fireworks, Dana White, the mastermind behind the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has unleashed his unfiltered thoughts on the Professional Fighters League’s (PFL) recent business maneuvers. With a comparison to the iconic Blockbuster and Netflix clash, PFL founder Donn Davis has fired back at the UFC president, creating a buzz within the combat sports community. Let’s delve into this intense battle and explore how it could shape the future of MMA.

Dana White

Fiery Challenge of Dana White Ignites Epic Showdown with PFL

Ultimate Fighting Championship’s head Dana White is the one never to shy away from expressing his opinions ever. White boldly criticized the PFL’s alleged ambitions and financial methods during the UFC Vegas 73 news conference. He alleged that the league aimed to seize control of Bellator MMA by securing a staggering $290 million investment from the lucrative Middle Eastern market.

White’s straightforward statement encapsulated his disbelief in PFL’s audacious endeavor: “Rumors say they’re raising an astronomical amount of money—$280 million, $290 million from the Middle East. Who on earth would hand over such a massive sum? They claim they’re buying Bellator! So, here we have an organization hemorrhaging money, lacking ratings and ticket sales, attempting to raise $280 million to acquire a company with similar financial struggles. It sounds absolutely brilliant to me!”

PFL founder Donn Davis wasted no time in responding to Dana White’s fiery remarks. In a witty and metaphorical retort reminiscent of the legendary Blockbuster versus Netflix rivalry, Davis took to Twitter to deliver his own knockout blow: “‘Netflix is not even on our radar screen in terms of competition.’ – Blockbuster CEO, 2008. ‘What PFL is doing makes no sense to me.’ – UFC President, 2023” By drawing a parallel to a historic clash between two entertainment giants, Davis cleverly implied that the UFC president might underestimate the PFL’s strategic prowess.

Clash of Titans: The Unfolding Battle Between UFC and PFL Signals a Paradigm Shift in MMA

As the PFL continues its expansion, securing notable signings such as the powerhouse Francis Ngannou, fight enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the clash between these two titans of the MMA world. The competitive landscape promises an enthralling spectacle to say the least. This is where both organizations will strive to outmaneuver each other hard in the quest for total dominance.

The unfolding battle between the UFC and PFL presents a captivating opportunity for fans to witness the evolution and adaptation of these colossal entities. Their rivalry will undoubtedly fuel transformative changes within the sport, creating a more exciting and engaging experience for loyal UFC enthusiasts.

The clash between the UFC and PFL has escalated to new heights with Dana White and Donn Davis engaging in a war of words. As combat sports aficionados eagerly await the outcome, the impact of this confrontation on the future of MMA remains uncertain. Nonetheless, the competitive spirit and innovative strategies showcased by both organizations will undoubtedly reshape the landscape of mixed martial arts, providing fight fans with an exhilarating journey into the realm of ultimate combat.


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