Ex-Tom Brady teammate Rob Gronkowski praises Arizona’s spring football game atmosphere under coach Jedd Fisch

Former Arizona Wildcats player and NFL star, Rob Gronkowski, recently praised the electric atmosphere surrounding the team during the 2023 spring football game. As a four-time Super Bowl champion and Arizona legend, his words carry weight, especially given his experience as a former student-athlete at the university.

During the 2023 spring football game, the NFL star caught up with Pac-12 Networks. The host asked Gronkowski if he and Chris, his brother who was coaching the opposing team, had decided on an unofficial bet for the game. He revealed that the bet was to pound 15 glasses of water and do 100 push-ups for the loser. He added that his game plan to avoid losing was to work with his assistant coach, Antoine Cason, and play complementary football.

The NFL star also praised Coach Jedd Fisch for doing an excellent job with the program and creating an electric atmosphere around the team. He expressed his love for being a part of such a dynamic environment and giving back to the program that gave him everything when he was a student-athlete at Arizona.

What did Rob Gronkowski say about Arizona?

Rob Gronkowski

The US international’s enthusiasm for the game, his alma mater, and the atmosphere created by Coach Fisch were palpable. His competitive spirit and desire to give back to the program that gave him so much were evident in his responses.

“I love Coach Jedd Fisch. He’s doing great job with the program. Just the atmosphere around here, it’s just electric. I love to be a part of electric atmosphere. Just the energy is incredible”

“But I just love coming back to Arizona they gave me everything when I was here. And it’s just great to come back and give back to everyone that’s around in this program,” the NFL star added.

When asked about his brother, Chris, who was coaching the opposing team, he admitted that they were “whooping his butt” but added that the loser of their bet would have to face the splash zone. 

The host wondered if they would do something about Chris being on the dry side, to which he replied that the loser of the bet would have to get splashed by the whole splash zone.

As the spring football game comes to a close, Rob Gronkowski’s praise for the electric atmosphere created by Coach Fisch and his team resonates with fans and players alike. With leaders like Gronkowski and Fisch at the helm, the future of Arizona football looks bright, and fans can look forward to more electric games in the years to come.


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