NFL Trade Rumors: Lamar Jackson’s request for Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins leads to Ravens signing OBJ to $18million deal

Lamar Jackson’s request for the Baltimore Ravens to sign star wide receivers Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins has come to fruition with the Ravens officially signing Beckham Jr. to a lucrative deal.

After being slapped by the Ravens, no team in the league showed interest in signing Jackson most possibly due to his injury concerns and contract demands as the former NFL MVP is allegedly demanding a fully guaranteed contract like the Browns quarterback Deshaun Watson.

Lamar Jackson requested the Ravens acquire Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins

The NFL insider and former New England Patriots coaching assistant Michael Lombardi disclosed on The Lombardi Line the Ravens QB Lamar Jackson demanded the two-star pass catchers Odell Beckham Jr. and DeAndre Hopkins get enrolled in the team’s roster in the offseason.

“I was told reliably by somebody who is involved that Lamar told them in a conversation. Get Hopkins and get Beckham and then we can talk”, he stated.

The team reportedly responded by citing “We can’t get Hopkins and Beckham. We just can’t afford both, but we’ll get one of them.”

Baltimore decided to with their statement and made a massive free-agency splash by signing OBJ to a one-year, $18 million deal, with $15 million in guaranteed money.

Lombardi further stated the 3-time Pro Bowl receiver’s overpayment in comparison to other wide receivers in the team was the reason behind this.

“So, What I think the Ravens decided was, ‘Okay, we can get Beckham. And I think that’s why you see the overpayment for Beckham”, he added.

CBS Sports’ Jeff Kerr cited the deal proves how little the team spent on the WR position.

“The Ravens have spent more money on Odell Beckham ($15 million) than they have on the WR position in any of the past 5 offseasons,” Kerr said.

Beckham too passed a message for the former All-Pro QB during his introductory press conference stating,“Lamar, if you’re listening, I’d love to get to work with you.”

Lamar Jackson

Jackson and Beckham were seemingly pleased with the deal as both of them were spotted together in the LIV nightclub just hours after finalizing the deal.

Baltimore might have to give up some draft capital to acquire Hopkins to include in their squad as he is under contract with the Arizona Cardinals.

With the addition of Beckham Jr. to their lineup, the Ravens seem poised to make a strong push for the playoffs and beyond.

Jackson’s request for more weapons has been answered, and NFL fans around the league will be eagerly watching to see whether the Ravens ultimately become successful in keeping their veteran QB and how the dynamic duo of Jackson and OBJ performs on the field in the coming season.


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