Tom Brady ex-team Patriots’ offence set for dramatic changes under Bill O’Brien amid Mac Jones-Bailey Zappe QB battle

The New England Patriots appointed Bill O’Brien as their new offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach in January after finishing another disappointing season.

Bill had a longstanding relationship and experience with the Patriots that stretched back to the Tom Brady era. He spent a lot of time around the team’s facility, and the franchise thought it would be better for the team if someone with experience came along.

However, time changes a lot of things, and this wasn’t the same team he worked with even though he himself became more experienced and versatile. Rumor has it that he will introduce some dramatic changes in his new role.

What can Bill O’Brien do for the Patriots?

The 53-year-old seemed to have trouble with his primary concern, the quarterback role. Brady’s departure means there hasn’t been a suitable replacement in years, and the current roster is also facing uncertainty.

On April 13, the Patriots signed Trace McSorley to a one-year deal in addition to Mac Jones and Bailey Zappe. McSorley as a third option can strengthen the depth of the roster, but the starting role is yet to be decided.

The Maxwell Coach of the Year may start everything from scratch, according to Albert Breer. With his experience, there might be a mixture of all the little tricks for the next season.

“I think it’s going to be a hybrid of a lot of different things. I think it’s going to have some stuff that they did at Alabama that Mac is going to be comfortable with,” Breer said. “He’s got really great perspective because he does have the bones of the Patriots offense, but he’s gonna be able to do some things that I think are on the cutting edge of where the sport is going.”

O’Brien has a five-year experience with the Patriots, and later he served Penn State, the Houston Texans, and Alabama as head coach. So, if he were to be given time, the Patriots would probably benefit, but they will have to keep their patience while going through the process.

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